Delegation – Your Company Depends On It!

One of the most difficult things you will ever have to do as a company owner or service manager is to delegate (and trust) others with responsibilities that used to be yours. If you don’t….your company cannot grow!

This is a fact that you can not escape. If you ever want to sell your company, you need two things. It must function without you and you must have some type of guaranteed monthly income. The first item here has everything to do with your being willing to delegate to others. This also means that you need to groom those you’re delegating to in a way that you are comfortable with and is congruent with the desired culture of your company. If you feel that you have to put your finger print on everything that goes on inside your company – if you have to control everything – then you are the limiting factor to the growth of your company.

You need to look to the future and start prepping the people in your company to take responsibility of various parts of the operations within your business.

If your company depends on you in order to function, and when you are not there to keep things rolling, they stop, then what you own is a job. A real business can operate by it’s self with guidance from you whereas a job depends on you.

What are you doing to grow the next leaders within your company?

Let me know.

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