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Communication Styles: Women vs. Men

Unless your parents dropped you in the jungle shortly after birth and you were raised by wild animals, you have probably noticed there are significant differences between men and women. Physical differences are rather obvious. However, when it comes to communication ...

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Managing Your Service Department: Follow The Leader

Tuesday, August 23

No matter how old you are, at one point we were all kids. When I was young, many years ago, all the neighborhood kids would gather to play baseball, kickball, or basketball during the day and capture the flag or kick the can at night. Amongst the kids there was always the leader. Someone would suggest we play this or that, and the rest would agree and fall in line. When it came to picking sides ...

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about our flagship products and services.  The Planning for Profit Workshop is ideal for the contractor who needs a comprehensive review of their business.  Labor Pricing for Profit Software is our premier resource for determining labor pricing.  Team Solutions Assessments are key to building a successful work environment.  Profit University Audio Series is a must have tool to continue learning how to improve your business.

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