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Note: As of January 1, 2015 ProfitMaxx is no longer available for purchase.

Grandy & Associates will continue to support all current users and is working on a replacement solution. We will keep you updated.


ProfitMaxx is performance-based

software specifically designed to track and increase the productivity, efficiency and profitability of your service technicians. ProfitMaxx software produces productivity information that is so easy to read any owner or service manager can easily understand the numbers.It is a stand-alone program and does not interfere, or currently interface with, accounting or dispatching programs.

Information is input from a simple daily timesheet. Data entry takes approximately 2-3 minutes per day/per tech. Once completed, ProfitMaxx produces all the information an owner or service manager needs to accurately and effectively track the productivity of each technician, leading to significantly higher profit margins.

Once you input your data, you will instantly know:

  • Who is your most and least productive tech.
  • Who collected what percentage of the money while on the job.
  • How many callbacks each tech had.
  • Which techs under-billed the customer and how much.
  • Who finished the job on time, the first time. If they didn't finish, why not.
  • Who met or exceeded their daily, weekly and/or monthly goal.
  • How many sales leads were generated by each tech including how many service agreements they sold.
  • Which tech generated the most revenue per billed hour.
  • Who had the most non-billable time (and what was the source).
  • Does the company have the right number of service techs based on the number of calls they receive. How long did it really take the tech to perform the service agreement (compared to the allotted time in your agreement pricing).

Motivate your techs like never before with SuperTech 500!

Your techs want you to know they are doing a good job. The SuperTech 500 Bonus System lets them see just how good they are! You can see their actual contribution to the service team and how each tech ranks against their fellow technicians. You can now...Pay bonuses based on real, measured productivity!


The setup of the ProfitMaxx software is critical for two reasons

First, whithout proper setup your reproting will not provide the information you want and need to run a productive and profitable service department.

Second, the setup is really a mini business plan that determines how you are going to run your service department.

When you purchase ProfitMaxx one of our coaches will work with you for up to 4 hours. He will walk you through the set-up using online conferencing. Your software will be visible on-screen as your coach helps you with every step. Goals wil be set and business principles will be covered to make sure you are starting out on the right foot. 

Longer term coaching packages are available.


Are you a





Want more coaching?


We still provide coaching and training!

  • How to use
  • Data entry
  • Understanding and Interpreting reports
  • Training for your team



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