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March 10th 2017

"Very eye opening. Making a business owner after 8 years dig into itemized reports and actually seeing where I spend my money"

Rob Easthouse

Electrical Solutions & Services

Rochester, MN


"Excellent! I attended last year's presentation and found it to be so valuable that I brought my Service Manager this year. Super Excited."

Mike Himmeride

Advanced Electrical Systems

West Fargo, ND


"Great experience overall! Wish we would have done this several years ago!!"

Michelle List

List Electric Inc.

Yankton, SD


March 8th 2017

"Very impressed with the workshop. I will use the information and tools provided for the rest of my career."


"I am gratefull I was able to attend the class, it filled in all the gaps running our business. We plan to attend in the future with more team members."

Josh and Daniel Beckley

Beckley Mechanical Company

Salch, Alaska


"Second time through the class and it really is starting to sink in much better, wish all contractors would follow."

Chuck Winkler

Ditter Inc.

Medina, MN


"This is the second time attending the PFP and we still learned something new. Bill is a fantastic presenter!  This was a great investment for our company."

Sherri & Brian Smith

Smith Heating Inc.

Red Wing, MN


"Information overload. Content is great. Product seems excellent. Knowledge of product was over the top good. I'm not sure I want competitors to do class?! of course I want them to..."

Paul Seaver

Pinwheel Plumbing Inc

Rochester, MN


March 2nd 2017

"The course was a huge eye opener, looking forward to applying what we learned"

Rob Bonnell

Williams Plumbing & Heating

Bozeman, MT


"We are going to incorporate everything we learned. Thank you for all the information. It was a great class"

David & Ruby Pick

Air Quality Mechanical Inc.

Missoula, MT


February 10th 2017

"Provided strong financial understanding of labor rates and how they relate to overhead"

Bill Burke

Total Comfort Solutions

Philadelphia, PA


"Bill I just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you how much I really took away from your class last week. I have to say on my drive home that enening, I had some time to think and start to process all that I heard over the two days. It was to say an eye opening class for myself and I think for Colleen and Bill as well.  For the first time in many years in business I am starting to see the big picture.  I want to thank you onec again and say simply it was the best investment I ever made"

Chuck Millan

Pulse Combustion Inc.

Hicksville, NY


"Absolutely awesome workshop that will develop proper management of our company"

Chris Volk

Budd's Pool Company Inc

Deptford NJ



"Excellent job Bill, Great information that we can use to help improve our business"

Kristen Pierce

Pierce Total Comfort LLC

Middletown DE


April 7th 2016 

"The class was great, really informative and eye opening!" "This course was a tremoundous value. Take it one day at a time and applying it will be a challenge. There is so much here".


Megan & Alan  Delgado

Delgado Heating & Air Inc.

Benicia, CA



"Such great info!  Was quite a whirlwind of learning.  Info was applicable and valuable, encouraging and overwhelming."  "Extremely good info. Wished I had this info 10 years ago!  It's nice to know that there are answers to my questions and solutions to my business issues."


Crystal & Bill Harkness

Advanced Comfort Control

Standish, CA



"Wonderful, insightful learning experience.  Love the structure that was given, so extremely useful."


Hector Heaviside

Delgado Heating & Air Inc.

Benicia, CA



" It was great. Really neede this info to try and turn my business around. We have plenty of work just not making any money."   "I was lost in doing the books in the office, didn't know what to give to help the guys bid, how to figure overhead etc.  Just trying to keep us from closing the door.  RELIEF."


Eric and Lori Blackwell

Blackwell Heating & Air

Lodi, CA



 March 9th 2016

" I thought that the class spoke to all levels of management and experience. The information provided really opened the eyes of my employees and helped them identify opportunities for both expense savings as well as revenue increases."

Kristian Emrich

Solarponics Inc.

Atascadero, CA



"This course opend my eyes to the amount of cost lsot to our company in underbilling and non-billable hours. I am looking forward to making changes to make our company profitable."

George Vaughn

Gundlachs Inc.

Bakersfield, CA



" I was blown away on all the info that you learn about which you don't even think about when running a business."

Daniel Monge

Airplus Inc.

Corona, CA



Feb 20th 2016

"Hi Bill,
We have found that because TIME is such a precious commodity, it is all the more reason we needed Grandy & Assoc.  Summer and fall are the busiest of times and the best of times.. financially.  They used to just be the busiest.  We have learned how to tell the difference between being busy and being profitable.  When we are extremely busy and turning work away every day, it is even MORE important to be able to distinguish which jobs are profitable as there is only so much time.  Thanks to Grandy & Assoc, we are getting better at tweaking our program numbers to know why and when a job is one we want or not.  I just had a job today that was not profitable today (in our extremely busy time where we make a higher percentage profit) but after Christmas when it slows down, it will be a perfect job.
We also had an employee come in this morning and say if he works on the weekend, we should give the worker (him) the entire amount collected from the customer.  Steve showed him on the computer how there is the overhead including benefits to him that would prevent us from giving him ALL the income, but we will consider his request and see what the accountant finds that we can do combined with our program.  If you have any other suggestions, Bill, it is always appreciated.  I feel like you are one of the officers of our business!  haha 
Thanks again for everything.

With God all things are possible."

Donna Zenner

Zenner Plumbing & Heating

Medford, WI


Feb 18th 2016 - Fargo, ND

"I am beyond pleased with the workshop. I plan to start out with a few important strategies and come back in a few years for refresher and new insight. " 

Kody Bullock

Bullock Plumbing & Heating & Electrical

Ashton, SD


"Class was a real eye opener. Even after being in business 20 years learned things to be more profitable. Met a great group of people"

Ed Flemming

Flemming Electric & Repair

Florence, SD



"Very Impressed with the workshop. This being my first time attending it will definetly help me in the future to get morer contractors to attend"


Erick Kouric

Dakota Supply Group

Sioux Falls, SD



"Very useful information, thoroughly enjoyed learning different ways to expand our company efficiently while still being profitable."


Kris Heidelberger

Jolt Electric Inc.

Alexandria, MN



"Very amazing course, took tons of information out of this class. Very helpful in understanding the value of running a business. Great course"


Rustin Deibert

JM Electric Inc.

Aberdeen, SD



"Very well organized and stayed on track. Real world tools to use and take home is a huge bonus."


Heidi Breitbach

Trinity Electric Inc.

parkston, SD



"Bill was great! he spent 1:1 time with us, eased our concerns and seemed genuinely interested inn our success. The training was well planned! Thank you!"


Tara Billings

Steadfast Electric Inc.

Aurora, SD




Feb 16th 2016 - Minneapolis, MN

"Helped My customers see ways to increase profit. Helped me become a better consulting salesman"

Brian Eubanks

Dakota Supply Group

La Crosse, WI


"Bill, I had my first two customers attend the workshop... I don't know what took them (me) so long."

Tony Ledo

Dakota Supply Group


"It was great getting to meet and learn with new people that are involved in the same profession. Many new friends were made and we loved discussing what we've learned from your class. We will definitely be applying your methods to our business!"

Dana Hoffman

JD Hoffman Inc.

Bowdle, SD



"Well worth the time and Money"


Jeremy Hoffman

JD Hoffman Inc.

Bowdle, SD



"Great learning, super software, great class"


Vernon Grismer

JD Hoffman Inc.

Bowdle, SD


"Well worth the money and I will be back again but with a couple more of the partners to help understand. I've found that having multiple people involved ensures more information is retained"

Jeremy O`Laughlin

Pllumbers Mechanical Group LLC

Winona, MN



Jan 18th 2016 - Philadelphia, PA

"Bill- We just wanted to say thanks for your invaluable input to our company and for sharing your information to make us a better company. I feel as though we have finally found the finishing touches to phase one after being in business for twenty years. We are looking forward to implementing our new processes and see how we progress and hopefully increase our score card on how we run the business. I believe we will see great changes and we will become stronger in how we service our customers. I always like to think of us as the comeback company who never gave up because our perseverance won out. Again thanks for everything and for giving us a light at the end of the tunnel."

Deb Mundy

Anderson Mechanical Corporation Inc.

Plumbsteadville, PA



"Having jsut attended the planning for Profit Workshop in Philadelphia, I would like to share my satisfaction with Bill's presentation. Bill is high energy and truly passionate believing in his ability to transform a business that appears to be a lost cause.  We have been involved in the service business since 1995.  The supreme test will be in 6 months to a year from now.  Bill has us buying into the possibilities that were vague at best coming in."


President / COO




Aug 18th 2015

"We are wonderfully extremely busy and making the most profit we have made in our 12 yrs of business!!  Thanks to you and Grandy & Associates program.  There is no guessing what to charge or how we will end up for the year.  This is our best year yet and it takes the stress off of Steve as to how much to charge.  Also, if we don't get a job we do not feel bad as we wouldn't want it without making profit on it.  Without your program, some of these jobs SEEM like they should be profitable, but we would actually be losing money to do them for the winning bid price.  We don't WANT those jobs.

Thanks for all you do/did for Zenner Plumbing & Heating.  We wouldn't be the same without you :)"

Donna Zenner

Zenner Plumbing & Heating

Medford, WI




July 28th 2015

"Just an update on how things are going for us.

As of the end of June, sales are up 22% compared to last year and net profit is up 480% over last year. Just haven’t realized it all in our operating loan as much as I had hoped, but it is $47,700 less than it was last year.

Thanks so much for helping us get things on track."


Chester Majak

Majak Electric

Three Hills, Alberta Canada



March 31, 2015 - Dallas, Texas

"Fantastic experience and being able to fill in the numbers using the software will hopefully releive some stress from me."

Jay Reid

Reids Quality Service

Lott, TX



"Excellent.  Lots of value for the price, with the software and information.  I strongly believe it will make a difference at our company."

JD Webb

Webb Air

Fort Worth, TX



"It was amazing.  I felt intrigued during the complete workshop.  Very helpful."

Paul Sammataro

Samm's Heating & Air Conditioning

Plano, TX


"Bill, outstanding!!! Thank you!  Great to see and learn from someone who understands and enjoys teaching profitability to others."

Cheri Sammataro

Samm's Heating & Air Conditioning

Plano, TX



"Very informative, fun, well presented, will keep my company from going under."

Corey Ford

C. Ford Electric

Newcastle, OK



"I have been to many seminars over the years. This workshop was by far the greatest learning experience! The hands-on method along with the instruction and knowledge of Bill is exceptional!"

Dana Coomers

Coomers Air

Duncanville, TX 



March 24, 2015 - Verbena, Alabama

"This workshop has opened my eyes as to where all my money is going!  I have known for a long time I needed to better understand the cost of doing business, and now I do!"

Mike Hendrix

Hendrix Air

Wahunta, GA 



"The Planning For Profit course really opened my eyes to things we were doing wrong.  I can't wait to get back and incorporate what I learned into helping build a great company for the future.  Great course!"

Jason Britton

Advanced Heating & Air Conditioning

Alexander City, AL



"Time is very valuable to me; I found this course worth while."

Keith Jackson

Contracts Inc.

Center Point, AL



"Tom Grandy is by far the best coach in the HVAC industry. Second time to have been through the course and glad I took the time and investment, was awesome."

Richie Vines

Service Tech Inc

Birmingham, AL 



March 2, 2015 - Fargo, North Dakota

"The workshop far exceed my expectations and was very timely as we have just recently started actively managing our business and paying attention to ways to make it better!  I wish I had the same energy and ability as Bill to pass this info on to my employees."

Dean Rocke


"I wish I took this training 5 years ago.  A wonderful resource that DSG provides, well worth the investment."

Doug  Rocke

NEIA mechanical

Elgin IA



"Incredibly engaging real world experiences and examples added a level of understanding, covered every aspect of business, above and beyond what I expected to learn."

Kaylee Wiebolt

Wiebolt Electrc

Bemidji, MN 



"This was my second time attending this event and I am taking more home with me this time than the first, thank you!"

Mike Doyle

No Boundaries Contracting

Erskine, MN



"This course was an organized, logical presentation of best business practices.  The instructor included plenty of hands on training that kept my interest the whole time."

Ryan Heidelberg

Dakota Supply Group

Alexandria, MN



"Very Impressed.  Can't help but think I will do a refresher in the future."

Brandon Myers

Connect Electric

Sioux Falls SD



"It was very eye-opening as I'm only 14 months into my own business."

Scott Wedel

SA Electric

Park River, ND 




February 19, 2015 - Billings, Montana

"Very Insightful!!  Eye-opening experience on what it takes to run a successful company."

Steve Foster

Mr. Rooter Pllumbing

Billings, MT



"I have never experienced anything like it.  Amazing 2-day workshop."

Ryan Schell

Mr. Rooter Plumbing

Billings, MT



"I have taken this class twice and was able to take some knowledge from each class.  The material provided is very helpful.  Class is well worth the time."

Justin Mancoronal

Harvey's Plumbing & Heating

Bozeman, MT 



"Very eye-opening.  Been in business 29 years, learn something every day."

John Bruski

Acorn Plumbing & Heating

Billings, MT 



February 16, 2015 - Missoula, Montana 

"Well worth the money, I will do it again."

Robert Clason

Clason Heating and Air Conditioning LLC

Missoula, MT



"Very good, I learned so much and was engaged the whole time.  Going in I was nervous that I wouldn't know what he was talking about and I would drift off and possibly fall asleep."

Brandi Waters

Van Dort Heating

Kalispell, MT



"I was very happy that I took the time and learned about my own business, not someone else's."

Joe Tate

L & J Pllumbing

Sheridan, MT 



November 13, 2014 - Memphis, Tennessee

"This course is a great eye-opening look into growth and becoming profitable."

James Ferguson

Ferguson's Heating & Air

Eros, LA


"I was very surprised and learned a tremendous amount.  I will take this information and start implementing it ASAP!"

Donna Ferguson

Ferguson's Heating & Air

Eros, LA


"Very useful, informative and helpful for new business as well as established."

Randy Cotton

Cotton Electric Service Inc.

Duncanville, TX


"Well worth the time & cost of this training.  Looking forward to the upgrades in our company."

Rick Cotton

Cotton Electric Service Inc.

Duncanville, TX



October 23, 2014 - Portland, Oregon 

"Very helpful understanding of how to properly value my work."

Joe Smith

Apollo Pools & Spas

Portland, OR



October 15, 2014 - Fort Lauderdale, Florida

"Lots & lots of info.  Awesome tools to come away with."

Mike Lindberg

The Plumber Inc.

Belle Fourche, SD


"I will be attending this class again.  Excellent knowledge!  Thank you all at Grandy & Associates!"

Jack Gustafson

The Plumber, Inc.

Belle Fourche, SD


"Best learning course I've attended.  This will make a huge impact on my company.  Thanks!!"

Dan Hamilton

Hamilton A/C

Englewood, FL


"I appreciate the diverse compliment of companies.  However, due to the size of our company, it was difficult to get data entered into the software,  Bill was very undertanding and considerate of my situation and provided the necessary attention."

Dwayne Quinn

George R. Smalley Co., Inc.

Hopwood, PA


"After participating in the workshop, I am anxious to implement service agreements and sharpen the company's numbers by planning for big profit."

Kip Cuyler

Conner Plumbing

Pompano Beach, FL



September 23, 2014 - Green Bay, Wisconsin

"Worth money and time invested."

Jessica Guerrero

Superb Drywall, LLC

West Bend, WI


"Bill, I love that we found you.  I feel alot more confident in running the business with your guidance!"

Sam Gillis

Rozga Plumbing

West Allis, WI 


"Best class I have ever taken!"

Ben Sibley

Rozga Plumbing

West Allis, WI


"Fantastic!  Bill and Grandy & Associates are the best for training business acumen and important business concepts to contractors."

Todd Stair

Rozga Plbg. & Htg. Corp.

West Allis, WI



April 9, 2014 - Atlanta, Georgia

"It was very informative.  I learned alot.  The Planning For Profit will surely help my company."

Donna Kurilavicius

Dart Pool Solutions, Inc.

Venice, FL


"Have learned alot of valuable information during this training.  Alot of this information I will take back with me and use every day at work."

Taylor Kurilavicius

Dart Pool Solutions, Inc.

Venice, FL


"Well put together, great program.  Every small business owner should attend."

Chris Bishop

Davis Heating & Air Conditioning Co.

Rock Mount, VA



March 12, 2014 - Seattle, Washington

"I was very surprised by the amount I learned in just 2 days.  It was definitely worth the expense."

Richard Russo

R & S Heating & Sheet Metal

Pacific Grove, CA



"Excellent insight & good business examples.  Loved that software allows for "what if" scenarios."

Janice Russo

R & S Heating & Sheet Metal

Pacific Grove, CA


"Worth the trip.  Excellent structure."

Scott Krafte

Fraser Valley Refrigeration

Aldergrove, B.C. - Canada


"It was good.  Full of information to help our company excel to its full potential to make more money."

Brian Krafte

Fraser Valley Refrigeration

Aldergrove, B.C. - Canada



March 6, 2014 - Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

"This is a must for any key people in your business!  I feel much more confident in progressing with running our business.  Thank you!!"

Sam Gillis

Rozga Plbg. & Htg. Corp.

West Allis, WI


"Absolutely amazing!  I would recommend this course to any business owner.  So much useful & important information.  Thank you!"

Anna Corrall

Rozga Plbg. & Htg. Corp.

West Allis, WI


"Third time better than the first two!!"

Bill Rozga

Rozga Plbg. & Htg. Corp.

West Allis, WI


"Very very good."

Dan Preston

Preston Dairy Equipment

Sparta, WI


"I'm confident that attending this workshop and implementing what I learned will turn our business around for the better!"

Janna Drazkowski

Terry's Electrical Service

Fountain City, WI



"The workshop was excellent."

Jeanette Duellman

Terry's Electrical Service

Fountain City, WI


"Time well spent."

Marv Smith

Marv Smith Electric, Inc.

Fort Atkinson, IA



March 3, 2014 - Plymouth, Minnesota

"This was a very informative workshop.  We hope to implement many of the items covered and increase our profit!"

Sherri Smith

Smith Heating

Red Wing, MN


"This would make an outstanding 3 or 4 day course - I would have liked to have more time with the instructor."

Troy Millard

JM Electric, Inc.

Frederick, SD


"The one-on-one is great!!  Bill really cares about everyone'sbusiness and is great in providing real world advise.  Very happy with all the info."

Jamie Kwasniewski

Glacial Lakes Electric, LLC

Webster, SD



February 25, 2014 - Helena, Montana

"Great trainer.  Filled us with motivation for the future!"

Kyler Bruckelmyer

Ace Heating & Air

Kalispell, MT


"I was somewhat skeptical of the benefits of the class and I believe it has been the best class I have attended for any reason!  Even more so since it is directly related to my business, profit and well-being!"

Jesse Andersen

Can Do Plumbing & Heating

Bozeman, MT


"The information was easy to understand and applied directly to my company.  The trainer was very entertaining and kept my attention the entire 2 days."

Dave Stevenson

1st Choice Plumbing

Shelby, MT


"Wow.  What a great training.  So many things, that when explained, make sense.  Can't wait to return home and start putting them in place and excell in our business."

Tina Stevenson

1st Choice Plumbing

Shelby, MT 




Michael Hamlin

Montana City Plbg & Htg

Montana City, MT


December 12, 2013  - Phoenix AZ 

"Very glad both my wife and I came. I wish I had found this out 5-10 years ago. This will help us as a start up company to become profitable next year. Thank you."

Buff Brown

Desert Cooler Specialist

Phoenix, AZ



"Very intense and fast paced. Like drining from a fire hose. Received a lot of good service tips I wasn't expecting. Tax tips were great. Very impressed with the software. I should have a basic starting point to move towards building a lifetime business." 

Doug Hesch

All American Chimney Service