You’ve Spent a Lifetime Building This Business…What’s Next?

There is no success until there is a successor!

succession and transition planning is  a vital step in ensuring the future success of your company. The time to start planning for it is the day you go into business. 

Here are some tools to referenced in the workshop:

Business Valuation:

Glen Herman
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Let him know Grandy sent you his way. 


How are your delegation skills? I referred to a quick questionnaire that you can use to see if this might be an issue. Click here to download that tool. 

Quick Ratios

During my session, I referred to several quick ratios that you can check for your business. Several of you asked for physical copies of these for your reference. 

Click on the thumbnail to the right to down load these now. 

Learn Your Numbers

I talked about the importance of knowing your numbers and plan your cashflow. If you need help with this, check out our Planning for Profit (TM) software platform. 

With this  tool, you will know exactly what your breakeven rate is as well as what you need to charge to generate the profits you are looking for. 

Sign up for a free 3 day trial to check it out. 

Free Resource

Knowing how to keep your business profitable is more important than ever.

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