Tom Grandy Young

Our Beginning

Grandy & Associates began its initial formation in 1980 when Tom only non-union aluminum smelter in the world….with a “no-layoff Grandy, an Industrial Engineer by education, was laid off from the policy”.   The Lord had an on-the-job training program in mind that didn’t seem to make any sense at the time until it culminated with the founding of Grandy & Associates in 1987. The formation began with Tom learning sales and presentations skills from top sales people in the industry as part of a microfilming sales team covering Western Kentucky. Two years later it became clear, that portion of the training program had come to an end. The sales manager moved to Texas, the company went bankrupt and the owner died! 

The next step in the formation of Grandy & Associates was when Tom became general manager of a service company. With no background in small business, Tom put his industrial engineering skills to work while being baptized in fire. He learned the hard way how to run a small business.   While working as the General Manager the company joined the Dial One Franchise, which was a nationwide franchise of service and trades industry businesses. It was during this time that an unknown desire to become an entrepreneur in the trades industry was starting to take root deep within Tom’s soul.  

It wasn’t long before Tom left the service company and went to work in a six state regional office of the Dial One Franchise as the Director of Company Development. The franchise’s idea of company development was inside the sector of sales and marketing. Tom would watch contractors from every trade industry join the franchise, double or triple in size and revenue, and then remarkably go out of business.   After a couple months of research, Tom came to the realization of what the rest of the industry already knew. He found out that 90-95% of the current owners within the trades industry previously was a technician working for someone else. The bottom line was crystal clear and predictable. The owner knew how to do the work but had little, if any, understanding of the “business side” of the business.

In response to this revelation, Tom started developing a training program for new franchise owners. This program included discovering what departments were and were not making money. It also focused on educating the contractor about the importance of determining proper hourly rates from a cash flow perspective.  This would have been a great plan for the franchise overall, had it not been for one minor problem. The entire regional level of the Dial One Franchise was eliminated; leaving Tom once again unemployed.

Historic Grandy Pic Executive Inn KY

With the encouragement of an entrepreneurial friend, Tom turned his idea for contractor training into a full day training seminar and Grandy & Associates was officially born in February 1987. Sharing offices with another company in the 600 room Executive Inn Hotel on the banks of the Ohio River in Owensboro, KY., the company grew rapidly adding both office space and additional employees. Tom Grandy and Bill Kinnard eventually crossed paths in 2005 when Tom presented a series of three-day Basic Business Boot Camps for Bill at Temperature Systems, Inc. in Green Bay, WI.  It didn’t take long before Bill’s interest and passion in teaching contractors how to run profitable businesses became a reality. Bill left his role as Vice President and joined Grandy & Associates in 2006 heading up further development of business training and teaching.


Quick Move In The Right Direction

Three years later in June of 2009, the hotel manager of the Executive Inn knocked at the door and explained to Tom that the hotel would be closing…the very next day!   After 21 years at the same location, Grandy and Associates was forced to relocate and soon moved to brand new offices on Halifax Drive in Owensboro.



Another Leap Forward

The fall of 2012 marshaled in the next chapter in the life of Grandy and Associates. Bill Kinnard expressed his desire to purchase the company from Tom and soon afterward an agreement was reached and the corporate offices were moved to Green Bay, Wisconsin. Bill now directs the operation and strategy of Grandy & Associates from their new location in Green Bay while Tom Grandy remains fully on board, working out of the Owensboro, KY offices.

Building Exterior



Where We Are Now.....

Since its founding in 1987, Grandy & Associates has trained tens of thousands of contractors, in all trades, on the importance of knowing how to operate and model a business that is centered on profitable growth. We are excited about the future and welcome contractors from across the US and Canada to discover the value of managing the business side of their business. From establishing concrete methods for managing cash flow, to establishing the correct and most profitable hourly rate; from learning how to effectively manage a service department around Key Performance Indicators to the value of excellent customer service; from building a sustainable business model to hiring and developing the right personnel…Grandy and Associates is poised for the next 30 years.