Appreciated People Will Always Do More Than Expected

By Tom Grandy, Founder

Most reading this article are or have been parents.  Let’s assume you are a parent and you have two children, Larry, who is 16 and Mary, who is 18.  When they were 10 and 12 respectively you have vivid memories of taking them with you to shop.  Their continuous nagging for you to purchase a toy, or perhaps a piece of candy was so frustrating you finally said yes.  To put a bit of icing on the frustrating cake, neither of them said thank you!  Your attitude as a parent was most likely something like “That’s the last time I am going to give in.  They didn’t even appreciate the toy and/or candy when they received it.”

Now fast forward to today.  You invite Larry to go on a weekend trip with you to attend a professional sporting event.  Larry is thrilled.  The trip goes great and Larry can’t thank you enough for taking him. 

Mary likes to shop and as a senior in high school there are very specific stores she loves to go to but the nearest one is two hours away.  Mary’s mom asks her if she would like to drive to that special mall with her on Saturday.  Mary, like Larry, is thrilled and the trip is a total success.  Mary can’t thank her mom enough.

When both trips have been completed mom and dad sit back and reflect on what just took place.  Both had gone out of their way to bless Larry and Mary and the best part was that they both really appreciated it and said so.  If you are a parent, the next thing that goes through your mind is, “What else can I do for or with the children that would bless them?”  Being sincerely appreciated makes a huge difference in any relationship.  A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected.

Do your employees feel appreciated?  What have you done lately to make them feel like you care?  It doesn’t take a $250 bonus for that to happen.  Sometimes it’s just a sincere thank you for working overtime to complete a project.  Other times it’s stopping by the job site with a pizza.  Can you image the reaction of a spouse if they received a handwritten note from the boss telling them how much the company appreciates them with a $50.00 gift certificate to a local restaurant?

People who feel appreciated not only feel like family, they are also willing to do a bit more for the sake of the family.  It’s really not all that complicated.  It’s simply the golden rule, do unto others what you would have them do unto you.  Give it a try with your employees and watch their attitude improve.

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