Are You Stealing Time From The Company?

By Tom Grandy, Founder

It is highly unlikely anyone reading this article would physically steal from the company they work for.  The idea of taking something that doesn’t belong to you would never enter your mind.  Besides, taking parts, materials, supplies or equipment would not only be wrong (and potentially land the individual in jail) it would cheat the company.  Every item taken would “cost” the company that much money and, taken to the extreme, might cause the company to lose enough money to force it out of business.  What happens when the company goes out of business?  You got it. YOU are out of a job!

So no, you would never do that.  However, many employees actually do steal from the company every day and never give it a thought.  How much time do you spend on the cell phone each day?  If you are in the office, do you ever look up things on line and/or purchase personal items from Amazon?  Do you exceed the allotted time for breaks and/or lunch each day?  If any of the above are true, you are actually stealing from the company.  How?  The company is paying for something from which they have received no value for.  It would be like paying for a $25 part but never receiving it.  The money is gone but no value was received in return.

Think through your day, each day.  Are you stealing from the company?  If so STOP!  It might just cost you your job one day.

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