How do you want to start growing your business? Contractor Academy online training can provide a wealth of knowledge, on your schedule and no travel costs. We provide courses paced with simple, no-fluff business training. Use what you learn to crush your competition!

We have created our Contractor Academy which is our on-demand course platform with three levels of membership to help you and your employees achieve the knowledge and success you have been looking for.

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This is a copy of the power point presentation by Gary Hazelberg of Grandy & Associates for your resource.

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More than ever before, employees are joining your team with little or no previous HVAC experience. As a result, the HVAC Onboarding class is designed to be used as part of your onboarding process.

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Learn your numbers, grow your profits, get guaranteed results. That’s what the Planning For Profit Workshop is all about. Over the last three decades, thousands of contractors have experienced the transformation this workshop can provide.

In this two-day workshop, you will build an active working model of your company using the Planning For Profit Software tool. You will learn how to accurately figure job cost, hit your profit targets, and discover the exact rate you should charge per department of the company. Use the company dashboard feature to easily track profitability at a glance and easily make changes.


Over the past several years, everyone involved in the plumbing field has felt the effects of the labor shortage in the industry. More than ever before, people with little or no plumbing experience are being hired by local contractors.

Whether you are working the service counter, answering the phone at a local dealer or an aspiring plumber, Plumbing 101 Onboarding will be a springboard to a successful career in the plumbing industry.

The goal of this program is to provide new plumbing-related personnel with a conversational knowledge of the plumbing industry.

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A simple guide to know when to repair or replace your equipment.

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Service Managers are the first line of defense when something goes wrong or a customer needs routine maintenance. A satisfied customer is more valuable than a new one because they’ll continue to be loyal to your company. As a result of your great service, they’ll recommend you to others.

Having an effective Service Department is more than dispatching calls, fixing equipment and keeping customers from complaining. It’s also an important profit center for your business! Service Managers’ University helps you understand all of it.

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