17 Business Tips For New Companies

Author: Tom Grandy

It is not easy starting a new business.  This program is designed to provide a few foundational “business” tips that you will not find in most books.



Seventeen (17) Business Tips

  • Positioning the Owner Within the Labor Pricing Model
  • Tips on Setting Up A Chart of Accounts
  • Utilizing QuickBooks Along with a Few Tips
  • Enter Data in QuickBooks – CPA vs. In-House
  • Monthly Financial Reviews
  • Frequency of Recalculating Hours Rates
  • Joining a Mixed Group
  • Creating Weekly Saving Mounts Up Quickly
  • Funding Dissatisfied Customer Complaints
  • Suggestions for Covering Credit Card Fees
  • Creating a Totally Separate Checking Account for Payroll
  • Creating and Utilizing a Formal Collections Policy
  • Getting Deposits on Jobs and How to Handle the Money
  • Collecting on the Spot for Service
  • Establishing a Line of Credit plus the Benefits and Dangers
  • Tips for Keeping Credit Cards Paid Off
  • Benefits of Keeping Suppliers Paid Up and the How to Do It!

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