Six Things You Could Be Getting Wrong On Your Website

Author: Jay Owen

Short Description of the Presentation:

Most companies have a website today.  The question is, “How effective is it?”  Is it producing leads, increasing your sales, and adding customers?  This presentation will cover six key components that every effective website must have.


Overview of Marketing in General

  • Five needed components


Six Key Component of Website

  • Quality design (builds trust)
  • Clarity is better than being cute (words sell)
  • “Single” call to action (what do you want the customer to do)
  • Website needs to load quickly (Goggle’s free link to check speed)
  • Simple navigation bar (5-6 items or less)
  • Mobile friendly website (computers, phones, iPad, etc.)


Addition Do’s and Don’ts


Order for the Website (from top to bottom of opening page)

  • Overview
  • Header (logo and navigation bar)
  • Headline (what is offered)
  • Value stack (what is the value of working with your company)
  • Empathy for the customer (highlight their problem/s)
  • What is at stake (what if the customer does NOT work with your company)
  • Product stack (key offerings)
  • Lead generating PDF (free information for entering email address)

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