Time Management Tips and Tricks

Author: Jeff Davidson

Business owners always have several things going on all at once.  There is NEVER enough time.  Well this month’s presentation may help.  It’s all about tips and tricks of time management.

The Importance of Starting Right Where You Are

  • Acknowledging where you are ….. now!
  • Accessing needed resources

Operation Clean Sweep

  • Collecting everything in one place
  • Act, toss, delegate or file

The Art of Filing

  • Purpose of filing
  • Filing aids

How to Manage Beforehand

  • Anticipating future needs

Completion Thinking

  • Acknowledge things as completed
  • Dwelling on what has not been completed

How to Get More Done in Less Time

  • Eighthly years of information is generated every second!
  • Most distracted generation, ever
  • Taking time to think
  • Price we pay for multi-tasking
  • Art of doing one thing at a time

Creating a System of Self Rewards

Marshalling Appropriate Resources

The Timeless Time Management Equation

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