Communication Is The Key

By Tom Grandy

You may or may not fly a lot.  I have been in the air most weeks since Grandy & Associates was founded in 1987.  Flying has undergone major changes over the years, especially since 9/11.  Most have been a bit irritating from metal detectors and fuller flights, to less and less leg room.  With that said, one area has significantly improved. That area is communication.  A few years ago, I began receiving texts when flights were delayed or even canceled.  The next giant step involved my bags. Since I live in a small town in western Kentucky, every flight involves at least one stop and often two or more, to reach my destination.  I began receiving texts telling me my bag had been properly transferred from Flight A to Flight B.  It was really comforting to know that my bag was going to meet me at the end of a three-hour cross-country flight.

The newest communication improvement was when they started texting me before my flight, and in the air to tell me my flight or next flight was leaving from Gate 27 in Terminal B.  These kinds of communications have provided a great deal of peace of mind.  I may not like the fact that my fight is delayed or canceled but it’s better to have lead time to go to Plan B than to show up at the gate, breathless, only to find out my flight took off 10 minutes earlier.

Communication provides peace of mind.  Few of us have perfect days where everything goes as scheduled, especially if you are a technician.  The repair may have taken longer than expected or an accident along the way caused a delay.  Things happen.  Just remember to communicate with Mr. and Mrs. Jones.  It’s a lot better for them to know you will be two hours late than for them to sit around the house waiting for you to show up with no idea of when you might arrive.

Be sure the office is aware of how the customer prefers to be communicated with.  Some still have land lines, others prefer you call their cell or perhaps, a text is a better form of communication.  The point is clear, communicate.  Most people understand when things change and they can, and will, deal with it.  However, simply not showing up when expected and not letting them know will irritate the individual, and in some cases, cause the company to lose a customer.

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