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August ♦ 2018

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Getting Your New Techs Up to Speed [Bill Kinnard]

Have You Ever Heard of a Service Station? [Tom Grandy]

Planning For Profit: Fall/Winter Workshop schedule and locations announced [Grandy & Associates]

Profit University Audio Series: Driving Forces - What Puts the Fire In Your Team's Belly [Bill Kinnard]

Getting Your New Techs Up to Speed

by Bill Kinnard

If you’ve been in business for any length of time, you’ve been challenged with trying to find good people. Every contractor we work with asks us the same question – “Where do we find techs? No one wants to work anymore.”

Chances are you are not going to find a Rock Star out there looking for work. If they really are a rock star, they are likely already working for someone else and that company is treating them very well because they are – well – a Rock Star.

Culture & Environment

There is definitely something to be said for culture and environment. People will only work for money for so long. People want to work for a leader, not a company. After a while, the money just isn’t good enough to overcome the grief that they perceive they need to put up with on a day to day basis. We have all seen techs that were ok at one company but truly excelled when they went to work for someone else. Or a tech that was awesome at another company and when they came to you, were only average. Chanced are culture is playing a big part. Does the culture of your company make them want to come to work and provide excellence day in and day out?

The Ongoing Search

You need to be interviewing all the time. You need to be looking for good people everywhere you are. If there aren’t Rock Stars lining up at your door looking to join your team, then you will likely need to grow your own Rock Stars. More than ever before people with little or no HVAC experience are being hired by local dealers. You can find your next great tech anywhere. I will hire for attitude every day of the week. I can teach wrench turning and the skills needed to do the job. I can’t teach attitude. When you are out in the community, be looking for people who are excelling at customer service already. If they can talk to people and have a good attitude, then you can teach them the skills AND provide them with the stepping stone from the job they are in today to a real career.

The first tech I ever hired was a technical rock star. The problem was every time he opened his mouth, he ticked somebody off. Sure, he knew his stuff, but when I had customers calling me telling me that if I ever sent him out to their home again, they would never do business with us again I knew I had a problem. On the other hand, some of the best techs I ever hired came to me through an internship program I developed with my local tech school. Sure, I had to teach them most of what they needed to know but if they had a good attitude and were willing to learn, I could turn them into rock stars.

HVAC Onboarding LadderHVAC Onboarding Helps You Get Started

Because of this challenge, we are pleased to announce we are offering HVAC Onboarding through our GrandyLive online instructor lead classroom. The program is 8 hours and specifically designed to help you prepare your new personnel for the job. And better yet, there is no travel. They will attend right from your office. This isn’t a webinar. It’s a real class led by one of the Grandy instructors. Students will be engaged, can ask questions and will need pass a quiz to be sure they learned the concepts we are teaching.

We will focus on:

  • Understanding major and minor system components: What are the parts and pieces that work together to make a comfort system function.
  • The importance of proper system design and installation.
  • Efficiency requirements and their role in our industry.
  • Why IAQ is such a big part of HVAC.
  • Comfort controls: Let’s face it, they do a lot more than just read temperature.
  • We will also explore why there are so many system options, and the benefits of offering higher efficient choices to your clients.

Sessions will be conducted over a consecutive two-day period. Session 1 will be on Monday afternoons from 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM Central, and Session 2 will be the next day, Tuesday morning from 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM Central.

Whether your new team member will be working service counter, answering the phones, or is an aspiring installer or comfort consultant; this class will be a spring board to a successful career in HVAC.

Register for programs on the Grandy & Associates Website here.


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Managingservicedepartment Forweb

Have You Ever Heard of a Service Station?

By Tom Grandy

If you are under the age of 40 you have probably never heard the term “service station.” When I was a boy it was a pretty exciting place. When you drove the car in, the attendant immediately greeted you with a smile asking how much of what kind of gas you wanted. As the gas was pumping, they also checked the tire pressure, washed the front window, and checked the oil in your engine. If the vehicle was low on oil they would offer to put in a quart or two; if the oil appeared to be dirty, you were asked if you would have time for an oil change. Back then most service stations also had a one or two bay garages, where minor repairs could be made.

I miss those service stations, not so much for what they did but for what they stood for. Most attendants seemed to enjoy their jobs. They knew the value of a full day's work and they became pretty adapt at selling even if it was only a can of oil or a minor repair. Your day was better off having just stopped in to gas up!

So, what's the point? The point is service … with a smile! It's recognizing the importance of taking care of the customers’ needs. It's about appreciating your job and, most of all, it's about truly serving the customer.

Are you a good attendant … I mean … technician? How does the customer feel when you arrive? Or, perhaps more importantly, how do they feel when you leave? Most service techs have multiple opportunities to brighten someone's day, each day. I want to encourage you to make a real effort to serve your customers because it not only puts a smile on their faces, but it gives you that warm fuzzy feeling of having brightened someone else's day.

In addition to understanding the value of customer service, each and every employee needs to know the company’s policy in terms of hiring, firing, uniforms, vacations, drug testing, etc. All those items should be detailed within your Company Policy Manual. If you don’t have one check out this month’s Website Special. The 96-page Company Policy literally covers every policy most companies have. Best of all it in in Microsoft Word so you can add, change, modify or delete at will to customize the manual for your company. The manual normally sells for $139.95 but this month it’s only $99.95. Order today!


Like all our products, if you are not 100% happy, simply return it for a full refund no questions asked.

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Planningforprofit 2 Dayworkshop

Planning For Profit: Fall/Winter Workshop Schedule and Locations Announced

Planning For Profit seminars are two-day workshops held around the country and are in-depth training on how to significantly increase profitability.

You will learn exactly what you have to charge per hour to cover costs while generating the profits you want. The program will also create month-by-month, department-by-department cash flow budgets, set proper residential and commercial maintenance agreement pricing, and let you bid jobs for profit (based on your cost of doing business).

Attendence to these events are limited and space is still available. Learn more and register today!

If a workshop isn't scheduled for your area we encourage you to talk to your Distributor to see if they will be sponsoring a workshop in your city!

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Profit University _Audio Series

Driving Forces: What Puts the Fire In Your Team's Belly?

By Bill Kinnard

Short Presentation Description:

Good listening tends to draw people to you. Poor listening tends to cause people to drift away. This presentation is full of dozens of tips on how to become a better listener.

Listen to a sample of this months' program! The Profit University Audio Series features a new trade focused audio presentation every month. These programs are designed to provide the trades contractor relevant information that can help their business immediately. Get more information on this program or sign up for a monthly subscription today.

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