Create a Customer Cheerleader in One Minute!

How would you like to create a customer cheerleader in one minute? You can. We’ll share with you some thoughts from Steve Toburen, one of the best customer service trainers in the country. Below you will find seven (7) things your techs can do on every service call to help create customer cheerleads.

1) Ring the bell once. Listen closely. If you can hear the doorbell OUTSIDE your client can usually hear it INSIDE! So don’t irritate the customer by ringing the bell again causing them to desperately run for the front door!

2) Step back three feet. Don’t crowd the door

3) Your helper should be visible. If there is a helper on the job be sure he, or she, is visible and normally you want that person one step down.

4) Look your customer in the eye and SMILE!

5) Introduce yourself. “Hello, Mrs. _______ . I’m (your full name) with (company name). Hand the customer your personal company business card. This is (helper’s full name) and he (or she) will be helping me today.”

6) Helper says, “Hi, Mrs. _________.”

7) Hand the customer a FREE gift. Give them something. Perhaps it’s a calendar, refrigerator magnet, chip clip with your companies name on it or whatever makes sense to you.

There you have it, seven quick and simple ways to create a customer cheerleader in less than a minute!
Want another idea? Print these seven simple reminders and laminate them. Then place the tips on the dashboard of the technicians’ vehicles. We all need reminders.

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