Empower Your Team in 2016

by Dave Ramsey  (published with permission in the January 2015 newsletter)

One of the first steps to becoming a true EntreLeader is recognizing that your team members are your most valuable resource. The sky’s the limit with a good team, and a workplace environment where team members are happy and thrive professionally and personally doesn’t happen by accident.

Some small business owners have bought into the notion that developing that kind of atmosphere is impossible. But I can tell you from personal experience that it’s not only possible, it’s fun to create. The key is empowerment. Here are four steps that will help you create and mold a team that is not just willing, but eager, to share the dream and take your business to the next level.

Cast a vision
Let your team know often exactly where you want the organization to go. There will be changes in your vision from time to time, so keep your entire team updated as you make adjustments to the target. The Bible in Proverbs 29:18 begins, “Where there is no vision, the people perish” (KJV). This holds true for your business, too. Once your team knows where you’re going and what’s going on in other areas of the company, they’ll become excited about hitting – and exceeding – their goals.

Don’t micromanage
A micromanager is someone who doesn’t have the confidence in team members to release tasks or concepts to them, even when competency has been proven repeatedly. Remember, there is only one good time to micromanage, and that’s when they’re new to the team. After they’ve been trained and have proven their competency and integrity, it’s time to let them fly.

Expand and enhance skills
You’ll see an incredible ROI when you put time and money toward your team’s professional and personal growth. Try developing a mentorship program where team members can work closely with leaders to improve their skills. You might also offer “lunch and learn” classes, where guest speakers talk with your team during their lunch break.

Compliment them often
Everyone around you, from the janitorial staff to the highest-paid executive, wants to know they’re appreciated. Brag on them all every chance you get. Words of praise and recognition from the boss can put a big smile on the face of even the most world-weary professional. It will send confidence levels through the roof!