Service Department Management

Service Managers are the first line of defense when something goes wrong or a customer needs routine maintenance. A satisfied customer is more valuable than a new one because they’ll continue to be loyal to your company. As a result of your great service, they’ll recommend you to others.  THIS 8 HOUR TRAINING SESSION IS CONDUCTED OVER TWO DAYS (ONE 4 HOUR SESSION EACH DAY).

Having an effective service department is more than dispatching calls, fixing equipment and keeping customers from complaining.  It’s also an important profit center for your business!

We’ll cover different aspects that an effective Service Manager should be aware of:

Profitable Service Starts With A Solid Foundation! | Demand Service | It’s All About That Price! | Demand Service | Key Performance Indicators |  Maintenance Agreements | Creating Lifetime Customers | Maintenance Agreements | Key Performance Indicators | ProfitSMART Activities | Turning On The Cash Flow | Service Department Goal Setting and Motivation | Service Dept. Leadership | Where Are We Going?

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