Famous DISC Examples – A Creative Look at How People Communicate

Famous DISC Characters

This month we are pleased to feature one of our fellow distributors and guest blogger DTS International from Syndey, Australia with a great post on the different communication Styles. We talk about DISC in our Team Solutions line of products but this post puts a face to the four communication styles.

We are often asked by the people we work with for examples of famous movie characters as well as real life people and how they fit in the DISC framework. We have broken the post into three parts. In the first part of the post we have put together a collection of characters who might represent each of the behavioural styles. The second part of the post is a list of famous Australian’s, who we might guess their behavioural style (based on their public face at least). And the third part of the post is examples from other parts of the world.

Star Wars:Example 1 - S and C Example 1 - S and C

The Simpsons:Example 1 - S and C Example 1 - S and C

The Lord of the Rings:Example 1 - S and C Example 1 - S and C

Toy Story:Example 1 - S and C Example 1 - S and C

Shrek:Example 1 - S and C Famous DISC People2

A Few Good Men:Example 1 - S and C Example 1 - S and C

The Fifth Element:Example 1 - S and C Example 1 - S and C

Batman Returns:Example 1 - S and C Example 1 - S and C

Sister Act:DISC Examples D and C DISC Examples S and I


I would like to thank DTS International for this creative look the different communiciation Styles.

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