Food For Thought

By Tom Grandy, Founder

A great quote from Thomas Jefferson – If you want something you’ve never had, you must do something you have never done.”  What are your hopes and dreams, at least when it comes to your job?  Do you want to be the best tech the world has ever seen?  Are you working towards becoming the Service Manager one day?  Perhaps your dream is to become an entrepreneur, owning your own small business…

No matter what your dream is, it’s not going to just happen.  Perseverance, hard work and a willingness to exceed others expectations of you will be necessary.  In short, you will have to do something you are not currently doing.  Take a good look at the other techs you are working with.  Do you stand out in any way?  Do you show up for work on time, every time?  How about your uniform, is it always clean?  Do you work overtime with thanksgiving for a job?  When on call, do you grumble and complain?  Are you kind to all your customers, even the grumpy ones?

In summary, what areas do you need to improve in?  What areas do you need to excel in?  Bottom line, what have you never done (or perhaps just not done well) that need/can to be improved upon.  Doing something different in a good way will shorten the path to accomplishing your dreams. 

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