Creating a Financial Model You Can Use

This workshop will show you how to MAXIMIZE profitability!

Using the “Labor Pricing for a Profit” software, you'll create a financial model using current and projected financial data.

Are you ready to eliminate losses and maximize your profits? The reports generated by our software will give you all the info you need to get profitable. In one day, you can change the course of your company!

After attending this course you will…

Have over 20 reports easily accessible to assist in maximizing profit.

Have a financial model to decrease overspending and misallocation of cash flow.

Be able to generate monthly cash flow budgets for each department.

Be able to adjust the model as your company grows and scales since you take the software home with you.

Why Attend?

Processes =

This workshop will give you an ironclad process that leads to profitability.


The software you receive at the workshop will provide you with over 20 reports to help you increase profits.

Not Knowing
is Costing You

The financial model we create will give you the right numbers at the right time. Once you know your costs, you can properly price labor to make a profit.

“Absolutely awesome workshop that will develop proper management of our company.”

– Chris Volk, Budd’s Pool Company Inc