Milwaukee Tools

Tubing & PEX Cutters

8 minutes

Cutting copper and PEX tubing is not hard but there is a right and wrong way to do it. Learn the proper use of the various tubing cutters available today.

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Tape Measures

9 minutes

Knowing how to use and read a take measure is important in any trade. Know which tape measure to select and learn what all those little extras on the tape measure are for.

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8 minutes

Sockets make tightening and loosening nuts and bolts quicker and easier. Learn the proper use of hand held sockets, power sockets, and impact sockets.

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Smooth Jaw Wrenches

6 minutes

Learn the function of the various smooth jaw wrenches that you will encounter on the job including adjustable wrenches, open end wrenches, box wrenches, and more.

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10 minutes

Why do we need slotted, Phillips, Star and Torx screwdrivers? Where should you use each?

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Sawzalls & Hackzalls

11 minutes

Sawzalls were introduced decades ago and can be a big help on the job. Now Hackzalls are added to the mix. Learn the proper grip and positioning of these everyday tools.

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