Managing Your Business – start your employees off right STANDARD

By Bill Kinnard

Because of the challenge of getting new employees up to speed in your company, we are pleased to announce we are offering HVAC Onboarding through our Grandy Live Online instructor lead classroom. The program is eight hours and specifically designed to help you prepare your new personnel for the job. And better yet, there is no travel. They will attend right from your office. This isn’t a webinar. It’s a real class led by one of the Grandy instructors. Students will be engaged, can ask questions, and will need to pass a quiz to be sure they learned the concepts we are teaching.

We will focus on:

•Understanding major and minor system components: What are the parts and pieces that work together to make a comfort system function.

•The importance of proper system design and installation.

•Efficiency requirements and their role in our industry.

•Why IAQ is such a big part of HVAC

•Comfort controls: Let’s face it, they do a lot more than just read temperature.

•We will also explore why there are so many system options, and the benefits of offering higher efficient choices to your clients.

Sessions will be conducted over a consecutive two-day period. Session 1 will be on afternoons from 12:00 PM – 4:00 PM Central time, and Session 2 will be the next morning from 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM Central time. Whether your new team member will be working the service counter, answering the phones, or is an aspiring installer or comfort consultant; this class will be a spring board to a successful career in HVAC.

February 10-11  |  REGISTER HERE

March 5-6  |  REGISTER HERE

Hear what past attendees have said:

“Very to the point. I am new to this field, so this is a really solid foundation of the basics of what is going on in the HVAC industry. It gives me the basic understanding to build my future career upon. I really enjoyed it.”

“I thought the entire seminar was worth every minute I spent. I was in the HVAC industry 25 years ago and have only been working as a Home Comfort Advisor for 3 months so this was very intuitive. Thank you.”