Managing Your Service Department: Hire for Attitude, Train for Service

Has anyone noticed that there’s a tech shortage out there? If not, there is! There isn’t just a shortage; the situation is getting worse as time goes on. So how are we going to fill those needed technician positions? The answer is continuous recruiting outside of our industry.

First the principle: Hire for attitude and train for service!

Face it. The great techs of this world are already working for someone else, which means we are going to have to train our future technicians, in-house, from scratch. So where are we going to find these future superstars? The answer is … everywhere! Really! They are working at Walmart, the gas station, Best Buy and every restaurant you frequent. The trick is to be on the lookout at all times.

Now I am not even going to get into the attitudes of many workers today. Poor attitudes are rampant, and nearly everyone knows it, so apply the principle: Hire for attitude and train for service. Always carry a supply of business cards with you. When you run into someone with a great attitude simply tell them how much you appreciate their attitude and how rare it is to find people like that. Then tell them, “Here is one of my cards. If you ever get to the point of thinking about changing careers give me a call.” If you start the process by handing out your business cards to individuals with great attitudes, an amazing thing will soon begin to happen. Your phone will begin to ring. “Hello, my name is Joey/Bill/Sue. We talked at the tire store/restaurant/Walmart a few months ago, and you told me to give you a call if I was ever interested in changing careers.” Bingo, you now have a possible prospect, with a great attitude, to fill that needed job.

Attitude is difficult, if not impossible, to train. Most individuals either have a great attitude or they don’t. Hire those individuals with great attitudes and then put them into your in-house training program so they can learn the technical side of the job.

There are outstanding future employees all around us. We simply need to open our eyes and pay attention. Keep those business cards handy and constantly be on the lookout for employees who have great attitudes.

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