Managing Your Service Department:Newton’s 3rd Law Applies to Techs and Business Owners

It’s time to think way back to your eighth-grade science class. Do you remember studying Newton’s Laws? Do you remember what Newton’s 3rd Law says? If not, let me refresh your memory. His third law says, “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” This law is exemplified by what happens if we step off a boat onto the bank of a lake. As we move in the direction of the shore, the boat tends to move in the opposite direction (leaving us face down in the water, if we aren’t careful!). How does that apply to technicians or small business owners? Actually there are some direct parallels.

Have you ever gotten angry with a friend, family member, or even a customer? What is the “other” person’s immediate reaction? They generally get defensive and/or become angry in return. That is Newton’s 3rd law in action. Remember, “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” It works every time! Remember, to the customer you are the company. Your negative (as well as positive) reactions to the customer are forming a direct reflection of the customer’s image of who your company is. When your wife, or child, does something that irritates you, have a choice. You can instantly react in a negative way, therefore further weakening the relationship, or you can stop, take a deep breath, and react calmly. It makes a huge difference in the relationship and will surely affect the customers understanding of who your company is as well.

When it comes to the business side of your business, the principle is the same. Have any of your costs of doing business changed over the past 6-12 months? Maybe your insurance went up, the price of gas changed, you added a cell phone, or perhaps hired an addition technician or office worker. Like Newton’s law, any change in your cost of doing business is going to necessitate a change in your pricing. If you decide to pay yourself an extra $10,000 per year somebody has to pay for that. That somebody would be your customer! The bottom line is the customer pays for everything. The principle is again clear. Any change in the cost of doing business will necessitate a change in your pricing!

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