Basic HVAC Electricity – Section 2

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Basic HVAC Electricity – Section 2: Common Components

This is Section 2 of the Basic HVAC Electricity course that will cover the common components that you will encounter in the HVAC Industry. This 4 section course will provide a basic understanding of electricity as it relates to the HVAC industry. By the end of all 4 sections, you should have a good understanding of HVAC electrical items, and be able to test the basic HVAC electrical circuits.

6 lessons, ranging in length from 20 – 37 min

To take this course, you must first complete Section 1.

The remaining sections are being built as we speak! Each section will be released as they are completed.

Section 3: Heating Products

Section 4: Cooling Products


Just like Section 1, you will have a quiz at the end of this section. You need to receive a passing grade of 80% or better to move onto Section 3.

Field Assignments

Periodically, we will be giving you Field Assignments. These are assignments where we challenge you to apply what you have learned, out in the field. You will not be required to report back.

Tutorials and Resources

Don’t forget your private page of tutorials and resources! It is the same link that was provided in Section 1.

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