Communication is Key

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6 Lessons

Communication is Key

We all have a different communication style.  Understanding this and learning how to apply it to your conversations can greatly improve your relationships and your business.  Based upon the DISC Behavioral Model, we start you with the basics and then apply it to a variety of business settings that can help your sales people be more effective in selling, build up your team members morale and communication, and hire and promote the right people for the right job.  A one time assessment link to determine your behavioral style is included with the series.


  • Lesson 1 – Understanding DISC Behaviors (45 min)
  • Lesson 2 – Recognizing DISC, Understanding & Appreciating Others (45 min)
  • Lesson 3 – DISC Behavioral Selling (60 min)
  • Lesson 4 – Understanding Motivators (50 min)
  • Lesson 5 – Managing Your Team With DISC Behaviors (60 min)
  • Lesson 6 – Hiring & Promotion (40 min)

For a complete description of each lesson, click here. 

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