Owner's Learning Path

Owner's Learning Path
Self Paced Online Training

5 Courses consisting of 60 Lessons


A complete learning path for the owner involved in any skilled trades industry.  All lessons are available online, 24 hours a day, and can be taken at your own pace.

Communication is Key

We all have a different communication style.  Understanding this and learning how to apply it to your conversations can greatly improve your relationships and your business.  Based upon the DISC Behavioral Model, we start you with the basics and then apply it to a variety of business settings that can help your sales people be more effective in selling, build up your team members morale and communication, and hire and promote the right people for the right job.  A one time assessment link to determine your behavioral style is included with the series.

Providing Great Customer Experience

Every business wants loyal customers who return again and again for your product or service.  Unfortunately, many companies find themselves in a bidding war every time their customers need something new.  Until we realize customer service alone is no longer sufficient, we are missing a key ingredient to lasting success and a loyal customer base.

Money Matters

The Money Matters series covers the monthly review that every business owner should be conducting to make sure your business is staying on track financially. This process will help to identify issues when they come up and allow you to make changes before they become a real problem.

Planning For Profit Streaming Version

Based upon our flagship program, you will learn exactly what you have to charge per hour to cover costs, while generating the profits you want. The program will also create month-by-month, department-by-department cash flow budgets, set proper residential and commercial maintenance agreement pricing, and let you bid jobs for profit (based on your cost of doing business). (16 Hours NATE Credit)

Why Do We Need To Charge So Much?

Employees sometimes think that the boss is making a huge profit off of them.  But is he?  In this course, we will explain the fixed and variable costs that go into determining why the employer needs to charge so much!

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