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Lorraine Ball 3

May 17, 2018

Is Your Website Ready for Company

Presenter - Lorraine Ball







Bill Kinnard 4719 Soft Crop

October 26, 2017

Top 5 Priorities for Your Business

Presenter - Bill Kinnard






Susan FrewApril 27, 2017

What Women Want In Their Service Contractors

Presenter - Susan Frew

Learn how to appeal and market to your highest revenue target audience....women! Susan Frew will share with you statistics, marketing strategies and results of her research with Boomer Women. Learn how to make your business and referrals soar with your women clients!






Adam HudsonFebruary 14, 2017

Simplify Your Marketing, Multiply Your Results

Presenter - Adams Hudson

In this no-cost Live video training with Adams Hudson, you'll see

            • 3 simple ad campaigns that are killing it for contractors.
            • You'll see each piece, plus real dollars and cents, not theory.
            • Email templates you can copy.
            • Facebook posts that actually work.
            • Porven Direct Mail pieces, letters, postcards, envelope designs.




Brian Kraff

January 19, 2017

How To Get More New Client Calls From Google in 2017

Presenter - Brian Kraff


3 Step Plan Based on Real Results from Silicon Valley Experts!. “How do I grow my business?” It seems that just about every home service business wants the answer to this question. And yes, Google and the Facebook ad network are the keys to adding new customers and higher retention of existing clients. Every year, Market Hardware’s Brian Kraff takes an annual pilgrimage to Silicon Valley where he meets with all the big names and gets the scoop on their plans for the upcoming year. Look out – there are a lot of changes coming…Luckily, Brian is ready to share the must do’s for 2017! Join Brian and his team as they help you answer the most important questions for 2017:

  1. Does my Website use only Google-approved tactics to boost my ranking?
  2. Have I built up the RIGHT links to my site? (Hint: the WRONG links can severely harm your ranking)
  3. Am I utilizing those “Web Ads” that follow you around on the different news, weather and sports sites you visit? – It’s called “Display Retargeting” and converts the prospects that visit your site but don’t contact you right away (we’re ESPECIALLY excited about this strategy that can cost mere pennies!)

Joining Brian will be Matt Horn, SEO Guru, Doug Schatz, Director of Industry Partnerships, and Alain Parcan, Director of Marketing. Simply put, no team of consultants has helped more businesses profit from the Web than these four, who we are proud to have return to do this webinar. Their energetic delivery and expertise make this a “can’t-miss” session. 




Tom Grandy 110X160December 1, 2016

Maintenance Agreements:  The Contractors Golden Goose

Presenter - Tom Grandy

This presentation explains the importance Maintenance Agreements have on a business. Not only do they provide work for your employees during slow times but also increases the value of the company when it is time to sell.








Kenny ChapmanOctober 20, 2016

Top 12 Sales Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

Presenter -  Kenny Chapman

Through years in the field riding with hundreds of service technicians, Kenny has identified the top12 mistakes he sees talented techs make. Mistakes that can be easily corrected once identified.  Kenny shares his findings and gives you simple tools and resources to help correct these mistakes before they cost you and your company even more in lost sales.


"Kenny Chapman is an award-winning business coach and trainer in the in-home service industry. He is also Founder of The Blue Collar Success Group, a training and development organization which focuses on providing entrepreneurs with the tools and connections necessary to experience exponential growth and success. Blue Collar Success Group offerings include: onsite specialized training and consulting, an annual Sales and Marketing Intensive (SAMI) event, membership groups for company leaders, online-based technician sales training, and more. To contact Kenny, visit or call (877) 968-2244." 







Tom Grandy 110X160

August 24, 2016

How To Be Wildly Successful In Any Economy

Presenter - Tom Grandy

Who says things have to be slow in today’s economy? Many companies are not only making it, they are growing and prospering….and your company needs to be one of them! The key is really quite simple “Be the best at what you do!” This session will help the contractor do just that by covering topics like: 
•    What to do when times are slow (evaluate the company, create systems, etc.)
•    Three (3) things every customer wants from their contractor
•    Eight (8) things to learn from a VERY successful contractor
•    Seven (7) things you need to brainstorm with all your employees
•    Understanding the basic costs of doing business
•    Overcoming the fear factor of raising your rates
If you want your company to experience profitable growth in any economy, including this one, don’t miss this session!






Adam Hudson

May 19, 2016

If It's Not Your Product, Service or Price...It Must Be Your Marketing

Presenter - Adams Hudson





Bill Kinnard 4719 Soft CropApril 19, 2016

Providing Great Customer Service In The Trenches

Presenter - Bill Kinnard

Your customers are the lifeblood of your company. Without them, there is no reason for you to exist. Every interaction we have with the customer is another opportunity for them to decide whether you are really customer focused or not.  Your team could be either creating raving fans or drive them off to your competitor.




Tom Grandy 110X160March 17, 2016

5 Profit Killers In Your Service Department 

Presenter - Tom Grandy 

Profitable service begins with proper pricing followed by proper management.  Being priced right is step one.  However, five profit killers exist in every service   department. Any of these five areas have the ability to suck all the profit out of the department even though pricing is correct.  Each of these five areas will be identified with specifics of how to be sure it is not happening in your company.