Quality Work – Over Time – Brings in New Customers

By Tom Grandy, Founder

Our family has been using a local auto repair shop for well over 35 years.  Why?  They consistently do outstanding work at reasonable prices.  They actually “repair” things when able not just replace parts. 

However, their customer service far exceeds just doing quality work.  Over the years, they have gone over and above board to help us.  As an example, one of my daughters was in college when her car broke down.  The owner actually drove to another city over 3 hours away to fix her car.  As you might image, they are always busy.  In the old days I could call and get in the next day or two.  Not anymore.  Today the wait is often a week or more. 

Recently my daughter and family moved from the mission field in Cape Town, South Africa to a mission in Colorado working with prison wardens.  They came by our home for two weeks on their way to the new assignment.  Having left nearly everything in Cape Town they were in need of transportation here in the United States.  Graciously, one of their supporters in Florida gave them a 2006 Honda van.  It was in need of a few repairs but was gratefully accepted.  When they arrived in Owensboro, guess who we called?  Right, our faithful repair shop.  Their stay was going to be short so I called our friendly auto repair shop.  They joyfully rearranged their schedule to get the repairs done in a timely manner.

My daughter and family also needed of a place to stay when they arrived in Colorado in order to have some time to look for a house.  Again, another couple my daughter did not know, graciously offered for them to stay in a home they had just bought free of charge for as long as they needed it.  Is God good or what!  The only minor problem was that it was 45 minutes from where they would be working.  The place they will be working was already an hour from any large city.  Their new home was going to require a four-wheel truck to access it.  While they were with us, they looked at several trucks and our faithful auto repair shop “made time” to check each truck out.  One looked perfect.  However, the tech at the auto repair shop heard a ticking sound that most others had not noticed.  His expertise indicated that the engine might have an internal oil leak.  Without their willingness to check it out, coupled with their technical expertise, our children would have invested in a truck that likely would not have served them well for long.

The point is simple to understand.  Providing quality work over long periods of time is the foundation stone for building a long-term successful business. 

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