Service Manager’s University

The Service Department "should be" the most profitable part of a company’s offerings...but it seldom is!

Knowing what to track and how to track it, while holding technicians accountable for their productivity, can make service department profits skyrocket.

This program covers the three basic foundation stones of service which are demand service, maintenance and ProfitSmart activities (add-on sales and creating Qualified Sales Leads).

10 Key Performance Indicators for running a profitable service department will be discussed along with the benefits of controlling each KPI.

In order to keep the service techs engaged we will even cover a workable bonus system plus the implementation of “Attaboys” into the company culture. If you are a service manager, or owner acting as the service manager, you will not want to miss the program.


Why Enroll?

Your customer service Could be even better

Your customer service could probably use a tune-up. You owe it to your customers, your staff and yourself to improve this critical component of having a successful business.

You can’t control the problem, but you can be the solution

Customer service calls might make you cringe, but they don’t have to. When you have the tools to defuse the situation, you can turn a bad call into a happy customer.

You need tools to Deal with difficult customers

Having the knowledge to properly take care of your customers will serve you well in the long run. It will also help your employees  properly deal with difficult customers.


“I really enjoyed it, I learned a lot. I would suggest to any business to take this course.” – Dillon Karlen – B & K Electric, Inc., Warner, SD