What’s Where Manual

When a loved one passes there is a multitude of tasks and issues that need to be addressed.

Aside from the emotional pain of losing someone, addressing the assets, the legal documents and requests of the loved one can be extremely stressful and frustrating.

That is why we created this manual so when it comes to dealing with the “business” side of someone’s passing all the contacts, and the information is in one place for convenience.

This manual prepares you so that you can locate assets and critical financial information, and fulfill requests a loved one has when they pass.

Our Process

Purchase Your Manual

Being prepared for the unexpected passing of a loved one by having information on all their vital legal and financial and personal requests in one location

Fill out Your Information

A step by step process to fill out all the necessary information. You can complete the manual or as PDF – fill-in-the-blank.

Feel Confident About Your Future

As time passes you will not worry about what the future holds, because you already have everything in place and are prepared for when that day comes.

Why Purchase This Manual?

Make a Sad and Trying Time Easier

By having vital financial and legal information easily accessible you will avoid having to spend precious time trying to locate it.

Being Prepared Gives you Peace of mind

Knowing you have this information handy, can erase a lot of the burden that accompanies the passing of a loved one.

Help the One’s You Love

When you pass, and you have this information for your survivors they will be grateful. It won’t make it any easier to mourn your loss, but it will help them and benefit them in regards to taking care of your estate, assets, and requests


Digital Version: $19.95

For people that want to keep this information online or in their computer, a fillable PDF document version is ideal.

Physical Version: $25.95

If you like to write everything down and have a physical copy in your possession or to put in a secure spot, then the physical manual can be mailed to you.

Customizable: $49.95

If your company would like to have this manual as a gift, we can accommodate you. We will put your company logo and up to three pages of company information at the beginning of the manual for your employees, customers, vendors and suppliers, family and friends. It is a great way to say thank you.

What’s Included:

Simple fill-in-the-blank instructions.

Copies can be made so additional siblings or family have access to this information.

Provides everything you need to be organized during a trying time.


“Now my children know who to contact when we pass and where our wills, living wills, and Power of Attorneys are located. That gives us a great deal of peace of mind.”

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