Company Policy Manual

This is a critical document in today’s world.  You need to “spell out”  the company policies for hiring, firing, drug testing, vacations, discipline, uniforms, personal hygiene, etc.

A Company Policy Manual (or Employee Manual)

is an absolutely critical document to have in today’s world.  All your policies need to be in black and white with each employee signing off on the document indicating their agreement (legally) of the company's policies and procedures.  

  • Physical Copy – A manual so you can quickly review the information and easily circle the items you need to change and/or update.
  •  CD - A CD is included on the inside cover of the manual.  The CD is in Microsoft Word.  This will allow you to copy the manual onto your computer and make any changes, additions or deletions you wish.  Bottom line – you can quickly customize the manual for your company’s personal use.



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