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with Cash Flow Projections - is NOT an accounting program - it's a modeling tool to determine proper labor pricing and to develop monthly cash-flow projections. This software has been the top computer-modeling software in the trades industry for over 15 years!

The program is already used throughout the trades industry by HVAC, electrical, plumbing, landscape, security, chimney and pool and spa contractors. This program will work for any company that uses an hourly rate for service and/or wants to put a bid package together.



The fun starts after your company is modeled!

Once you have modeled your company, you can simply push a 'copy' button, and make as many copies as you wish to begin the "What-if..." process to maximize your profitability. "What if you added a tech, changed an overhead cost or marked up your materials a few percent?"   Make the changes, push the button and find out how the proposed changes will affect your hourly rate, cash flow and overall profitability!



Tutorial Videos, Manual and Help Screens

The new software has a full manual to step you through the learning process.  The package also contains  tutorial videos and outstanding context sensitive help screens - just press F1 on any page to view the help files for that screenThe program is easy to use and will help you MAXIMIZE your profitability!


Version 6 Includes Six New Calculators -
    • Delayed Receivables Impact calculator
    • Maintenance Agreement calculator
    • Job Pricing calculator
    • Flat Rate Pricing calculator
    • Retrofit Projections calculator
    • Maintenance Agreements Needed calculator 



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