Labor Pricing for a Profit Software – Update Directions


This process will step you through the software update for your copy of Labor Pricing for a Profit Software. This process will update your software only and will not affect your company data in any way.

1. Click on the button below to download the current version of the update.

2. After you download the update from the link in step 1, you may get a security warning form your system. Click on Run. If you don’t see this screen, proceed to step 3.

Software _Update _1

3. When the Update screen appears, click on Next to continue.

Software _Update _2

4. Confirm where the Labor pricing for a Profit Software is located on your computer. Unless you have installed the software anywhere other than its default location, do not change this destination folder. If you installed the software on another drive, click on Browse and point to that folder location. Click Next to continue.

Software _Update _3

5. Confirm the menu name. In most cases, you will not change this. Click Next to continue.

Software _Update _4

6. Review the settings and click Install to continue.

Software _Update _5

7. Click Finish to complete the software update.

Software _Update _6


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