Smiling Can Reap Dividends

By Tom Grandy

Smiling may not seem like a big deal, but it can be.  I was traveling this week, and in case you are unaware, none of the hotels, large or small, are offering breakfast.  Actually, they don’t even provide room cleaning.  Under these conditions having breakfast is only an option if you go to one of the few open restaurants.  My choice was Waffle House.  When I sat down my waitress came to my booth with a huge smile on her face that was immediately followed with great customer service.  She was joyful, and helped start my day off right.  As I ate my breakfast it seemed more than appropriate to comment on her outstanding smile and attitude.  That was when I noticed the name on her badge.  It was “Smilely”.  We chatted a bit and I watched her work with other customers.  Same consistent smile and outstanding customer service. 

When I left, I was feeling so blessed I left her a VERY LARGE tip and thanked her for helping to start my day off well.

A smile really does affect those around you.  It may not earn a huge tip but then again it could happen.  Give it a try tomorrow and see what happens. 

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