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Get the ProfitSmart KPI Tracking Tool and see all 9 KPI’s in one place. This tool will help you track each technician, see how all your techs stack up against each other, and give you a quick glace at your service department as a whole. 

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Weekly Tech Meeting Outline

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Impact of Lost Materials Video

Hiring the Right Service Technician

Want to learn more about hiring the right service technician or promoting someone to a service manager?  Through a TriMetrix assessment, we can compare a candidate’s DISC, driving forces and job competencies to that of a specific position.   Current positions include – Service Technician, Maintenance Technician, Lead Installation Technician, CSR / Dispatcher, Comfort Consultant, and Service Manager.

Check out our Team Assessments page to learn about our process, and then contact us to discuss the specifics for YOUR company.

Time Sheet Files

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Demand Service KPI’s – Individual Spreadsheets

Revenue Per Billable Hour

The average service tech costs the company over $10,000 a year by under billing for work that was actually performed! Track the Revenue per Billable Hour and know for sure.

Percent of Daily Revenue Goal

Your techs will never miss a goal you don’t set. Set daily revenue goals, track their performance and watch them reach for it.

Percent of Residential Revenue Collected

Service calls are one thing but  you need to collect the money. Techs should collect for residential service calls at the conclusion of the call 100% of the time.

First Time Completion Percentage

Every time your techs don’t finish a call the first time on site, that’s another sevrice call you can’t run and another diagnostic charge you can’t charge. They need to complete service calls the first time around.

Callback Percentage

Callbacks are expensive. Track the number of callbacks. Techs should not exceed 2.75% of their calls resulting in a callback.

Maintenance Agreement KPI’s

Maintenance Agreement Efficiency

You want your techs to complete maintenance calls in as close to your designated time as possible. Not too fast, not too long.

Maintenance Agreement Sales

Your techs have more face time with the customer and more credibility with the customer than anyone in the company. They need to be talking to your customers about purchasing maintenance agreements.

Average Repair Revenue per Hour

While performing maintenance agreement work, you techs should be looking for opportunities. They should average $40 in parts, pieces, additional repairs and add-ons per hour of maintenance agreement work.

ProfitSmart Activity KPI’s

Qualified Sales Leads Overall

Your techs have more credibility with the customer than anyone else. They also have more face time with the customer. They need to be looking for opportunities for a system replacement.

Qualified Sales Leads – Old Equipment

Old equipment is an opportunity for a bigger sale.

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