Think Twice About Using the Customer’s Bathroom!

We have work crews working on our house for the past two weeks. Most of the work was outside but we also had some inside work done, too. This was a company we had used multiple times over the years. They have experienced people that do outstanding work. This past week we had a two-man crew working inside the house. The company is located about 35 miles away so it takes about 45 minutes to travel to our home. Most mornings they showed up about 7:30 AM. We knew the crew from past work and liked them a lot both personally and professionally. The first morning, however, right after they arrived one of the crew members asked if he could use our bathroom. What do you say? Sure, no problem. However, the “daily routine” then became arrive at our house at 7:30 AM, go directly to the bathroom (without asking) and stay from 2-10 minutes! My wife was a bit upset but said nothing… proud of her. The final straw was when a new crew member arrived and went straight to the bathroom without introducing himself or even asking if he could use the bathroom. THAT upset my wife, but again she said nothing.

Now I realize it’s a 45 minute drive from their location and they probably had breakfast before leaving. However, there is a gas station not 200 yards from our home right around the corner. They passed it every day! If the standard procedure is to use the bathroom when they arrive in our town, would you not think they could have stopped 200 yards before entering our home?

I realize in the scheme of world events this is a very small thing. However, when you are in the trades industry “any” unnecessary word or action that could potentially upset a customer needs to be avoided. Sure, there are times when anyone needs to use the bathroom unexpectedly. In that case, ask the homeowner (politely) if you may use the bathroom and by all means never use it again without asking.

Little irritations can add up to lost customers. The rule is simple, think before you act. It just might save a customer!

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