Training On Your Time

By Bill Kinnard

We’ve all heard the old adage of the company owner that asks “What if we spend the money to send our people to training them, will they leave?” And his friend asks “What if you don’t and they stay?” It’s true, training your team in important. A well-trained team member will be more productive and will increase profits in the long run. Invest in your team and help them grow.

But training can be expensive. And you don’t always have the time or ability to send someone to training programs that may or may not give results.

Grandy & Associates is pleased to present our full line of Self-Paced Online Training programs. We call them our SPOT training. Now you can have your team attend training from your office and on your time, all without the need for travel. The library of programs covers several different topics for different positions. Each program is broken up into short segments so they won’t be sitting in front of a computer screen for 8 hours at a time trying to absorb new content.

Each program is highly interactive so the student can’t just let it play and not get anything out of it. They need to be engaging with the program every few minutes. At the end of each program is a quiz that they will need to complete and score 80% or better in order to pass.

There are several advantages to Self-Paced training. Think about it:

  • No travel time – lower overall cost
  • Each lesson is an hour or less – easier to absorb and your team member can attend in small time blocks
  • Attend just the lessons you want – incredible flexibility
  • Track performance so you can see if they retained the knowledge
  • Can repeat the lesson as many times as you wish over the course of 30 days
  • Attend anytime day or night

Topics include some of our most popular classroom sessions:

HVAC Onboarding (9 lessons) – Gain a conversational knowledge of the HVAC industry. This program is for anyone in your company who is new to the HVAC industry.

Communications for Contractors (2 lessons) – Help your team understand how to better communicate with the rest of your team and with your customers. This program is for everyone in your company.

Service Managers’ University (8 lessons) – Learn how to better manage your Service Department. Learn what Key Performance Indicators to track on each technician and how to track them.

Why Do We Need to Charge So Much (1 lesson) – Designed for your employees to help them understand why you need to charge what you do, the boss isn’t getting rich and everyone plays a part in making sure the company is profitable. This program is for your entire team. There is also a team leader version for to walk your team through this content in 7 weekly 15 minute sessions – perfect for company meetings.

5 Customer Buying Principles (1 lesson) – Every time a customer buys something they will go through five distinct steps. This program explains the five customer buying principles. If you understand them, it will change the way you approach your customers. This program is perfect for anyone who is selling to your customer.

Carlyle Semi-Hermetic Compressor Teardown (2 lessons) – This is a technical program that walks through the Carlyle Semi-Hermetic Compressors and covers familiarization of the compressor and it’s internal systems as well as failure analysis to prevent the next compressor failure. This is for anyone who comes in contact with Carlyle Compressors.

Planning For Profit Workshop – We are pleased to announce the streaming version of our Planning For Profit workshop. This session contains 35 lessons covering the same material we do in our two-day, hands-on workshop. This program also includes our industry leading Labor Pricing For Profit software.

Click on each of the titles above to check out each of the programs above or to enroll today. Get your team members the training they need and watch their productivity and your profitability climb.

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