What Motivates You to Go the Extra Mile?

by Tom Grandy, Founder

Years ago, I was the general manager of a service company.  Part of my job was to create incentive programs to help maximize the efficiency of our technicians.  There were lots of options but I really didn’t know what would motivate our techs because they were all different.

Guess what?  Your supervisor is in the same position!  He or she, doesn’t really know what motives you either.  So, what does motivate you as a tech?  Is it more money in your paycheck?  Perhaps you value more time off or have the option of not being on call as often would be an incentive.  How about a great meal at a local restaurant or tickets to a ballgame?

Each person if different.  My suggestion is to literally tell your supervisor what would motivate you to hit a goal that has been set.  There is nothing wrong with creating different reward systems for different techs.  Remember, what is the objective of incentives?  It is to increase productivity.  Who cares how unique or personalized the incentive is to reach the goal?  The objective is to reach the goal and if a dinner at a nice restaurant would inspire you, then go for it!

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