As the owner and leader of your business, we know you pour energy into seeing it succeed. You confirm your success through satisfied customers, happy employees, and profits. When you began your venture, you knew with hard work and dedication you would be rewarded. You, your employees, and your family should benefit from your efforts.


Planning For Profit

Our two-day intensive workshop takes place at locations around the country. You’ll learn more about your company than you thought possible.  You’ll go home:
  • Having determined your break-even rate for each department
  • Monthly cash flow budgets for each department
  • Maintenance agreement pricing
  • Effective bidding protocols that win deals while making a profit.
We’re so confident that this will change the course of your business that we guarantee a return on your investment!

Money Matters - The Monthly Financial Review

The Money Matters series covers the monthly financial review that every business owner should be conducting to make sure your business is staying on track financially. This process will help to identify issues when they come up and allow you to make changes before they become a real problem.  
Available as an individual self paced online course.

Communication is Key

We all have a different communication style.  Understanding this and learning how to apply it to your conversations can greatly improve your relationships and your business.  Based upon the DISC behavioral model, we start you with the basics and then apply it to a variety of business settings that can –

  • Help your sales people be more effective in selling
  • Build up your team members morale and communication
  • Hire and promote the right people for the right job

Team Assessments

The key to hiring the right people and creating superior performers is knowledge of what is unique about each person’s talents, skills and behaviors. With the knowledge provided by the Team Assessments, you can gain insight to a person’s behavior before you hire them.

Team Assessments gives you the tools you need to hire the right person for the job…the first time!  Contact our office for details and pricing.

Why Do We Need to Charge so Much?

There’s always part of your mind that says you charged too much. It’s natural, but when you started your business you didn’t intend to be a charitable organization. Your company is in business to make a profit but, are we charging too much?

This course helps employees understand the fixed and variable costs that calculate into your hourly rate. By the end of this training, your team will have a clear understanding of why you need to charge what you do to make a profit. This course is available in 3 formats – Online Streaming,  DVD with a Leaders Handbook or Individual Self Paced Online.

Carlyle Compressor Teardown Full Course - Self Paced Online Training

Planning for Profit Workshop

Cashflow and Cashflow Budgeting

Service Managers - Learning Path

Carlyle Compressor Teardown Full Course - Self Paced Online Training

Planning for Profit Workshop

Cashflow and Cashflow Budgeting

Service Managers - Learning Path

Free Resource

Knowing how to keep your business profitable is more important than ever.

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