Company Overview

The company overview program is almost identical to the Planning for Profit workshop, except it takes place at your company location.

You'll gain a clear understanding of what is going on in your company. We'll create a monthly cash flow model for each department. We'll also identify and change areas in your business that will positively impact your profitability, hourly rate, and cash flow.

Because this program takes place at your location, we customize it to meet your specific needs.

By having us come to your location you will:

Know what to charge per hour to cover costs and generate profits.

Track and measure progress towards profitability and projections.

Explore “what if” scenarios and see how they impact profitability.

Address marketing, personnel, incentive programs, and growth.

Avoid having to travel and coordinate staff being out of the office to attend at another location.

Our Process


Call one of our team members to begin discussing what topics we’ll cover to get you on the path to profits.


Once we’ve determined that our Company Overview is a good choice for you, we’ll set a date and time for your workshop.


We’ll work to develop a financial model for your company so that once we arrive we can hit the ground running. 

Why Schedule a One-on-One Company Overview?

Positive Changes for Positive Profits

Owners and stakeholders are often so involved in the daily tasks that it’s easy to overlook critical factors for profitability. In some cases, we helped find changes that need to be made right away in order to even stay in business.

Plan your Work -
Work the Plan

Over the years, we’ve seen a lot of explanations for what a company’s “plan” is. For many companies, the plan is simply to make money…with no roadmap to get there. This overview will give you the roadmap to help you make money faster and with less work.

Success begins where the action starts

You know that nothing gets done unless you get to work and take action. This workshop will require some work. However, the work you put into the workshop will pay dividends for years to come.

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of Proven Results


Investment: $4,500

                   (Plus travel)

What’s Included:

Two full days of intensive training, coaching, and networking

TEAM solutions Behavioral Assessment

Labor Pricing for Profit Software that will be used extensively during sessions


Tax tips

And much more

“Initially, it feels like you are trying to drink water from a fire hose. It takes a bit to start to look at your business differently. The emotions of being overwhelmed and wondering how you’ve stayed in business, become enthusiasm for the potential the business has.”

Travis Kuehl - Travis Electric, Inc., Hartford, SD

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