Half-Day Seminars

In addition to the full-day programs, we have also developed several half-day presentations that have been specifically designed for conference settings of 3-6 hours.


Successionplanning Full Day

Succession Planning Seminar

We can guide you in making the best decisions about the implementation of your succession plan. Our half-day program offers an overview of the critical components in succession planning. It will also focus on the top ten question you must answer as you plan for the future.

  •  Select the right leader for the future
  • Learn how to evaluate the health of your company
  • Get your team on board
  • And much more

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Labor Pricing For A Profit

This program deals with the most basic, and critical of issues: labor pricing. Each contractor brings information with them (a list of what to bring is provided) and will determine what their real costs of doing business is - from a cash flow perspective. Once the cost of doing business is determined, each company will:


  • Determine what they must charge per hour for service and installation, to cover that cost while generating their predetermined profit margin.


  • Learn the pros and cons of flat rate pricing and how it can help thier business.


Cash Flow Faucet

Cash Flow & Cash Flow Budgeting

Once proper labor pricing is determined, the next major obstacle is cash flow. Cash flow puts more companies out of business than any other single thing, except improper pricing.

This half-day workshop “walks” the contractor through the process of developing a month by month, department by department, cash flow budget. The budget then tells each contractor what department is making money and which isn’t, and projects their monthly cash flow needs.

During the session we discuss payables, receivables, and a formal collection's policy. Numerous cash flow tips are presented and the use of  credit cards is discussed along with how to set up a line of credit.


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Fifteen Things All Successful Companies Have In Common

This is a wonderful introductory program because it touches on a portion of nearly every full-day program, plus a lot more.  The morning session covers fifteen things all successful companies do. Each of the fifteen areas has point values assigned to it for the students to rate their company.

Once the fifteen areas are briefly covered, the afternoon session goes into additional detail, using a sample company, on labor pricing and cash flow.  Attendees walk away with all sorts of great ideas to increase company profits. 


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Service Managers' University

The service department “should be” the most profitable part of a company’s offerings…… but it seldom is!  Knowing what to track and how to track it, while holding technicians accountable for their productivity, can literally make the service departments profit skyrocket.

This half-day program covers the three basic foundation stones of service which are demand service, maintenance and ProfitSmart activities (add on sales and creating Qualified Sales Leads).

The 24 Key Performance Indicators for running a profitable service department will be discussed along with the benefits of controlling each KPI.

In order to keep the service techs engaged we will even cover a workable bonus system plus the implementation of “Attaboys” into the company culture. If you are a service manager, or owner acting as the service manager, you will not want to miss the program.

Customer Definition
Customer Driven Choices

Selling up is all about communicating with your customer. In the trades, we have a language all our own and we think the customer talks our same language. WRONG! They don’t – and if your customers don’t understand what you are telling them, there is no value. No value equals no money. Without that value, the only thing left to sell is price. We will also cover the 5 Buying Principles and the affect they have on how your customers are buying from you. During this program, we will take a look at the words we use and how the customer will hear them. We will also take a look at how we communicate and how to recognize the four different communication styles of our customers and how to communicate with them in the way that they need us to.

Each participant will complete a behavioral communication assessment and will learn how to recognize the style of others. We will also look at what each customer wants and needs during the sales process.

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Providing Great Customer Service...In The Trenches

 Your customers are the lifeblood of your company. Without them, there is no reason for you to exist! It is imperative that you make them feel like your most important customer - because to them, they are.

At the same time, your techs and installers got into this industry because they like to work with their hands, not deal with people. Consider this:

  • Are they giving your customers more information then they want to know? Or are they leaving them feeling like they are being kept in the dark?
  • How does your receptionist or dispatcher deal with an angry customer when they call in? Do they set the techs up for success? Or do they only serve to make the problem worse?

This program is fast moving, fun and applies to every employee in the contracting company.


Service Dollar Sign

Providing Great Customer Service...In the Supply Trenches

Great Customer Service isn't provided by the company owner-it's provided in The Trenches!

Life in wholesale distribution today is fast and furious. Your customers are the lifeblood of your company. Without them, there is no reason for you to exist!

You depend on them coming back again an again. It's imperative that you make them feel like they are your most important customer...because to them - they are.

The way your employees handle your customers will mean the difference between their increased loyalty or their shopping around.

"Providing Great Customer Service...In the Supply Trenches", was created to help your people truly understand this important reality and learn how very small changes can have an enormous and profitable impact on your company.

This program is fast paced and focuses on dealing with customers in the supply house environment.


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