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Developing a Strategy for New Leadership

By Dave Ramsey, CEO Ramsey Solutions

If your company lacks a clear strategy for moving talented employees into leadership, now’s the perfect time to establish one. As Baby Boomers retire, employers are busy grooming younger employees to become new leaders. Companies are spending thousands (some tens, and even hundreds of thousands) annually on the task of growing talent strategically.

One way to foster a climate of support for aspiring leaders is to give senior leaders visible roles that go beyond the basics of hiring and project management. Ask current leaders to act as mentors, lead seminars, and provide feedback to their teams. Some employees, when they see more of what’s involved in leadership, will be motivated to step up and learn more.

But not everyone on your team is destined to lead, nor does everyone wish to try. That’s why you need a method for selecting the best candidates to become leaders. Here are three key factors to keep in mind when planning your leader development program:

Foundational traits 

The foundational qualities are pretty hard and fast, and can be tough to change over a candidate’s career. These include complex problem-solving skills, and the ability to empathize and work well with a team.

The growth factor 

Unlike the foundational qualities of leadership development, the growth factor leaves you a lot of room to help your employee develop. Some of your team will leap at the chance to grow into different job duties or more responsibilities. But for others, even some who show strong foundational traits, you’ll need to help them discover and appreciate their own potential areas for growth.

The growth factor ties in with your company’s supportive environment for developing leaders as well as the individual’s personal interest in the specific area of leadership. Both can be cultivated over time to facilitate the development of talent.

Career dimensions 

This factor covers anything from the candidate’s background to the training and education that make him a likely candidate to lead in your company. Does she tend to take on extra tasks and complete them with excellence? Does he work consistently to grow and enhance his mastery of relevant skills, or seek to broaden his understanding of other aspects of your company’s business? All these are good indicators of a candidate’s leadership potential.

The Boomer exodus from the job market doesn’t have to be bad news for leadership in your organization. By encouraging current leadership, looking for willing new leaders, and creating a supportive culture for candidates, you can grow first-class talent strategically and successfully over time!

* Leadership and small business expert Dave Ramsey is CEO of Ramsey Solutions. He has authored numerous best-selling books, including EntreLeadership. The Ramsey Show is heard by 18 million listeners each week on more than 600 radio stations and multiple digital platforms.

The Customer is NOT Paying For Your Time

By Tom Grandy, Founder

When is the best time for a tooth to break off?  Friday dinner was certainly not my first choice.  The good news was that I was not in any pain.  The following Tuesday I had an appointment with my dentist.  Our dentist is amazing but very expensive.  Over the years I am confident we have bought him at least a late model used car for one of his kids! 

My appointment was at 10:30 AM to look at my broken tooth.  The dentist then suggested we cap it today if I had the time.  I did have time and he proceeded to take an x-ray of my tooth.  His comment was quite insightful.  “We don’t want to put a roof on the house if the basement is on fire.”  Translated, is the tooth solid with no decay?  It was, so the process began.

He videoed my entire mouth which ended up on the computer screen right next to me.  He then used his 36 years of training to customize my tooth until it fit perfectly in shape and size.  A pin was installed in the middle of my existing tooth for added strength to bond the cap. Once the shaping and fitting process was completed the image was sent to a lathe with a block of material somewhat like porcelain but harder.  It took about 30 minutes to “create” the new cap, followed by another 30 minutes of “hardening process”, raising the temperature to 1,800 degrees to harden the cap. 

The next step was to color match the new cap to the rest of my teeth.  He would gradually darken the new cap with each step getting closer to the perfect color.  Once perfected the final fitting process began.  The cap was placed in my mouth, taken out and sanded, then refit.  After perhaps a dozen trips in and out of my mouth it felt fine.

The dentist then placed the new cap on and handed me a mirror, before permanently cementing it in place.  He asked me what I thought of the color match.  It looked perfect to me but to him it wasn’t quite right.  He offered to make a totally new cap at no expense to me.  However, I thought it looked great, so he permanently placed the cap in my mouth.

Two hours later I walked out the door after having paid the bill.  By the way, they offered a 5% discount if payment was made on the day of service…which I took advantage of.

Was it expensive? Absolutely!  It was nearly $1,600 after the discount.  Was I a happy camper? Yes indeed!

I wasn’t paying $1,600 for his two hours of time.  I was paying for his 36 years of experience, the huge investment he had made in technology, and the countless hours of training. 

So, what’s the point?  The point is to stop focusing on the hourly rate you are charging the customer.  Help the customer understand the value of the job.  Explain how you are unique, able to solve their problem better than any other company in town.  If five companies can all do the same exact job, then price becomes the issue.  However, if your company can be presented as “unique” it is no longer about price.  Unique solutions demand higher prices and should!

How much was it worth to me to spend two hours in my dentist office and walk out with a new tooth?  To me it was priceless.

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