Planning For Profit Workshop

Our two-day intensive and interactive flagship program takes place at our corporate headquarters, other regional locations or online. It will give you more insight into your company than you ever thought possible.

We are so confident that this will change the course of your business that WE WILL GIVE YOU YOUR MONEY BACK if you feel like it wasn't worth your time!

Together we will accomplish the following:

Determine your breakeven rate by department

Determine what you need to charge to cover the cost of your operation plus generate the profit you desire.

Set proper maintenance agreement pricing.

Learn how to effectively bid to win deals while making a profit based on your cost of doing business.

And much, much more.

Why Attend?


You’ll learn exactly what you have to charge per hour to cover costs while generating the profits you want. You’ll create departmental cash flow budgets, set proper maintenance agreement pricing, and learn to  bid jobs for profit based on your cost of doing business.


You’ll also learn the “what if” process of maximizing your profitability. You’ll be able to model things like adding an employee, changing an overhead cost, increasing the markup on materials and pricing maintenance agreements. You’ll learn how these will affect your hourly rate, cash flow, and company profitability.


The return on your investment is guaranteed. If you feel like the workshop wasn’t worth your time, we’ll refund your money! Class size is limited to 15 companies. The workshop includes two days of training, relevant workbooks and materials, Labor Pricing software, post-workshop follow up, and more.


Investment: $1,995.00

What’s Included:

Up to 3 people from your company can participate

Two full days of intensive training, coaching, and networking

Planning For Profit Software that will be used extensively during sessions

TEAM Assessment


And much more

Upcoming Sessions

Live sessions are conducted at locations around the country. We also offer a live online version.

Class size is limited to 15 companies. The workshop includes two days of training, relevant workbooks and materials, Planning For Profit™ Software, post-workshop follow up and more.

  • Online - Oct, 13 - 14

  • Online - Dec, 6 - 7

“There was a wealth of information in this workshop and some very valuable things I learned and will implement to help my company grow and improve.”

– Brian Mueller – Rahn Home Svcs., Hastings, MN

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