ProfitSmart KPI Tracking Tool

This tool will allow you to track 9 different Key Performance Indicators for each of your service technicians. Learn how each technician, as well as your whole service department, is performing.  Format is Microsoft Excel and will be available for download upon completion of purchase.

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Team Training Video and Instructor’s Guide 

This version of our popular program is designed for owners or department heads to use in a group discussion environment for company meetings.  This program will help your employees understand why you must charge what you do. Each topic takes about 10 minutes to review and can be discussed over the course of 7 weeks.  An instructor’s guide is included with questions and comments that the leader can utilize to direct the discussion and engage the audience.  Product will be available for download upon completion of purchase.

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Should you prefer an online streaming version, it is available through our Contractor’s Academy.

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Company Policy Manual

This is a critical document in today’s world.  You need to spell out your company policies for hiring, firing, drug testing, vacations, discipline, uniforms, personal hygiene, and so forth. A company policy manual, or Employee Manual, will document your policies in black and white. Then, each employee can sign off indicating their agreement (legally) with the company’s policies and procedures.

A Microsoft Word document will be available for download upon completion of purchase.  This will allow you to make any changes, additions or deletions you wish and quickly customize the manual for your company’s personal use.

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What’s Where When You’re Gone?

When a loved one passes, lots of things need to be addressed fast. Beyond the pain of losing someone, addressing assets, legal documents and requests from loved one can be extremely stressful and frustrating. That is why we created this inventory workbook. This workbook prepares you for the inevitable. You’ll be able to locate assets and critical financial information, as well as fulfill requests a loved one has when they pass.  Product will be available for download upon completion of purchase.

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