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Contractor Academy
5 Customer Buying Principles - Online Course

5 Customer Buying Principles

One 40 minute lesson. The Five Customer Buying Principles will help anyone in your company understand the buying process from the customers’ perspective.
Contractor Academy

Common Sense SEO

NEW RELEASE - 10 lessons ranging in length from 2 - 8 minutes. Course includes a step by step process to discover and create simple ways to improve your Search Engine Optimization, so that your business can be found on the internet. Created for business owners and require little or not technical skills for implementation.
Contractor Academy

Communication is Key – Individual & Team Level

4 lessons, ranging in length from 45 - 60 min. When talking to someone, have you ever felt like you were not on the same page? We all have a different communication style. Find out what that means and how you can use it to improve your conversations and relationships.
Contractor Academy

Communication is Key – Manager Level

2 lessons, ranging in length from 40 - 60 min. This course builds upon the Individual version and is meant for owners and managers. You'll learn how to build up your team members morale and communication, as well as learn how to promote and hire the right people for the job.
Contractor Academy

Google My Business

NEW RELEASE - 4 lessons ranging in length from 5 - 25 minutes. Course includes a step by step process to set up your Google My Business page and build a solid plan to move forward.
Contractor Academy

Impact of Lost Materials

This 8 minute micro-learning video explains the impact of not charging for all parts in a job and what it actually costs the company.
Contractor Academy

Markup Vs Margin

This 11 minute mirco-learning video explains the difference between markup vs margin and how they affect your profit.
Contractor Academy

Money Matters

6 lessons, ranging in length from 15 - 30 min. Learn how to stay on top of your finances each month with a 30 minute financial review.
Contractor Academy

Providing Great Customer Experience

12 lessons, ranging in length from 6 - 16 min. Go beyond providing great customer SERVICE and move into providing a great customer EXPERIENCE.
Contractor Academy

Service Managers’ University

8 lessons, ranging in length from 30 - 60 min. Having an effective service department is more than dispatching calls, fixing equipment and keeping customers from complaining. It’s also an important profit center for your business!
Contractor Academy

Why Do We Need To Charge So Much?

1 lesson of 75 minutes. This training program is designed to help employees understand why the company charges what they do.
Contractor Academy

Why Do We Need To Charge So Much? – Team Training

A 7 week team training, with lessons ranging rom 2-23 min. This version of our popular program is designed for owner or department heads to use in a group discussion environment. This course is perfect for company meetings or weekly service tech meetings.
Contractor Academy

Basic HVAC Electricity – Section 1

5 lessons, ranging in length from 10 - 36 minutes each. This course will provide a basic understanding of electricity as it relates to the HVAC industry. This is Section 1 out of 4 sections.
Contractor Academy

Basic HVAC Electricity – Section 2

NEW RELEASE! 7 lessons, ranging in length from 20 - 40 minutes each. This is Section 2 that focusses on Common Components.
Contractor Academy

Carlyle Compressor Teardown

2 lessons, 60 minutes each. Learn about the basics of the Carlyle Compressor, as well as how to troubleshoot them when failures occur.
Contractor Academy

HVAC 101 Foundations Onboarding

9 lessons, ranging in length from 22 - 40 min. This foundational course prepares new employees for success in the HVAC industry. 
Contractor Academy

Identifying the Mystery Motor

NEW RELEASE - 33 minute video that walks you through how to identify a motor that does not have a rating plate.
Contractor Academy

Proper Tool Use Tutorials

There are a total of 15 tutorials, ranging in length from 6 - 18 minutes. Grandy and Associates trainer, Bill Rozga, in conjunction with Milwaukee Tools, show you the various tools you will encounter on the job, where you will use them, and how to use them safely.

Company Culture – Instructor Led Online

4 hour instructor led online program that will walk you through 8 different company profiles to help you improve your company culture.

HVAC 101 – Instructor Led Online

8 hour instructor led online program, covered in 4 hour sections over the course of 2 days. A foundational course for all new employees entering the HVAC industry.
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