HVAC 101 Foundations Onboarding Online

Everyone in HVAC has felt the effect of the labor shortage in our industry. More than ever before, people with little or no HVAC experience are being hired by local dealers. To help with the influx of new employees, we've developed an 8-hour class specifically designed to help business owners prepare new personnel for the job.

We are so confident that this will change the course of your business that we'll give you your money back if you feel like it wasn't worth your time!

Together we will accomplish the following:

Understanding major and minor system components—what are the parts and pieces that work together to make a comfort system function?

The importance of proper system design and installation

Efficiency requirements and their role in our industry

Why IAQ is such a big part of HVAC

Comfort controls—let’s face it, they do a lot more than just read temperature

Why there are so many system options and the benefits of offering higher efficient choices

Choose from two different course options

Live instructor led online course

SELF-PACED Online version

Live instructor led course is conducted in two different sessions

One registration covers both sessions.

Session 1 will be from 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM Central Time

Session 2 will be from 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM Central Time

“I came into the HVAC industry with no previous background. I have been working for a few months now and despite being given things to read and study by my employer, it was not until I took HVAC Onboarding that I feel I understand what we offer and how to present it to our customer.”

– Former Online Participant

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