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Your subscription to the Planning For Profit Software will help you  successfully set your labor rate and develop monthly cash flow projections. Once you price properly and have your cash flow projections in place you can anticipate an increase in profits.

Model Your Company

As you build the model of your company in the software, you will gain clarity on how each department is doing. You will then have the information you need to grow, scale and make adjustments as you expand and dominate your marketplace.

Optimize your Cash Flow

Regular use of the software will let you know where your money is, where it’s going and when it’s going to be replenished so you can make adjustments that will dramatically improve your company’s performance and profits.

Why Use This Software?

Price the job to win the job and make a profit

Have the confidence to know that every job you submit a bid on will be properly priced so you make the desired profit and don’t lose money

Cash is King and it Is Flowing

Having cash flow models in each department tells you exactly which department is making money and which one isn’t. When you have this in place you can easily make adjustments to minimize losses and maximize profitability.

Know Your Numbers and You will Know the Results.

Our software comes with 6 calculators that measure delayed receivables, maintenance agreements, job pricing, flat rate pricing, retrofit projections, and maintenance agreement needs. All of these calculations will optimize your profits and business.


$49.00 Per Month

What’s Included:

The subscription is a site license. use it on as many computers at no additional charge.

Cloud based software enables use on any device with internet access.

Free tech support and automatic updates as they occur.


“We are going to incorporate everything we learn. Thank you for all the information, it is great.” – David & Ruby Pick Air Quality Mechanical, Inc., Missoula, MT

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