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The Labor Pricing for Profit workshop addresses the issue of labor pricing. It’s often the main factor that determines whether you’ll make a profit or lose money.
You’ll learn your “real cost” of doing business, from a cash flow perspective.

In this keynote, you’ll learn how to make the service department the most profitable department in your company.

We’ll lay the foundations of service: demand service, maintenance, and ProfitSmart activities. We’ll also share 10 key performance indicators to make your service department profitable and empower techs to be top performers!

When you learn to manage your people well, they’ll manage your business well. During this keynote you’ll learn how to manage in a way that motivates, inspires, and encourages your employees to give their best. Just like communicating with customers, there are also principles of communication, delegation, empowerment, and expectation. Use these principles with your employees to help them achieve top performance.

In this program we will explore 15 different traits that companies who excel tend to exhibit.  You’ll learn ideas that you can implement into your company immediately. Point values will be assigned to help you determine where your company is now and how you compare to other companies across the country.  By the end of the day, you’ll be on the phone with your staff telling them about your great ideas to improve performance and profits.

This keynote  exposes a myth that plagues companies that are hesitant to collect money.  It isn’t what the customer is thinking—it’s your mindset and fears. This keynote will teach you how to shatter that fear and put in systems and processes that will result in your business collecting money in a timely manner. You’ll accomplish this by communicating expectations to the customer so they’re happy to make the payments you request.

If you’re ready to  learn the pros and cons of up front pricing, then this keynote session will give you an understanding of what’s involved. You’ll learn if it’s right for your company’s success.

In today’s economy, this model is fast becoming the standard because of the increase in the cost of doing business. You’ll leave equipped to go back and start implementing this pricing in your service department.

This keynote will benefit every employee, from the receptionist to your techs and installers. This fun interactive keynote will teach your employees how to communicate effectively with customers as well as each other. Better communication will empower them to efficiently and effectively resolve  challenges that arise with customers.

This course is a deep dive into communicating with customers.  You’ll start with a behavioral communication assessment which will help you learn your communication style. We also cover 4 communication styles customers have, as well as, 5 distinct buying principles they have during the sales process.

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. In this program, you will learn the critical importance of succession planning.  You’ll learn how to select the right leader, delegate and empower leaders and learn the factors that measure the health of your business.  At the end of this program, you will have a vision and clear definition of your legacy.

When you have your labor pricing in place, the next hurdle is cash flow. You’ll learn the process of developing a monthly department specific cash flow budget.  When you finish that, you’ll be able to identify which departments are making money and which aren’t. When you know these numbers, you’ll position yourself to make more profits.

This uplifting and informative keynote will show you what it takes to have success in today’s economy. You’ll learn what you need to create and implement in order to “be the best at what you do.”  When you do, you’ll always have work coming in regardless of the state of the economy.

This is a great keynote for all of your employees. We’ll help them understand the fixed and variable costs that need to be calculated into your hourly rate. By the end of the keynote, your team will have a clear and full understanding of why you need to charge what you do to make a profit.

99% of the attendees at this keynote immediately schedule a meeting with their bookkeeper or accountant to start preparing for the next tax season. During this keynote, we’ll teach you dozens of ways to reduce your taxes. You’ll learn how you can continue to earn the same income and more while paying substantially fewer taxes.

You’ll quickly learn that your service department should be the most profitable department in your business. We’ll then identify and expose the five profit killers your service department may be experiencing right now. We’ll conclude with strategies to take down these five killers and make your service department the most profitable department in the company!

“It feels like you are trying to drink water from a fire hose, initially. It takes a bit to start to look at your business differently. The emotions of being overwhelmed and wondering how you’ve stayed in business, become enthusiasm for the potential the business has.”

Travis Kuehl - Travis Electric, Inc., Hartford, SD

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