Providing Great Customer Service...In The Supply Trenches

When it comes to customer service in the supply trenches, everyone needs to do their part.

Life in wholesale distribution today is fast and furious. Your customers are the lifeblood of your company and you depend on them coming back again an again.  The way your employees handle your customers will mean the difference between their increased loyalty or their shopping around.

In distribution you have an opportunity to provide great customer service every time a contractor calls or stops by and needs equipment, parts, or supplies. This one day, fun, interactive and role-playing workshop focuses on dealing with those in the supply house environment.

Your team will learn that your most important customer is the one they're interacting with right now.

Understand the importance of providing great customer service

Customer service can be as simple as small changes in words and body language. Listening, clarifying and confirming can make someone feel like they're your most important customer. In reality, they really are!

Why Attend?

Your customer service Could be even better

Your customer service could probably use a tune-up. You owe it to your customers, your staff and yourself to improve this critical component of having a successful business.

YOu can't control the problem, but you can be the solution

Customer service calls might make you cringe, but they don’t have to. When you have the tools to defuse the situation, you can turn a bad call into a happy customer.


Having the knowledge to properly take care of your customers will serve you well in the long run. It will also help your employees  properly deal with difficult customers.


“I really enjoyed it, I learned a lot. I would suggest to any business to take this course.” – Dillon Karlen – B & K Electric, Inc., Warner, SD

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